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Default A Couple Power Forward Ideas

After seeing that the Rockets talked about trading Alston for Udonis Haslem, I started thinking of some other guys they could trade him for.

The first idea I thought of was to do a sign and trade with Orlando to get Milicic. He adds some youth and is 7-0. I think he would do well next to Yao. I don't know how much Milicic would get, but they could throw in Bobby Sura as a guy who's contract will run out next year to make the deal work. Orlando might like that to get some cap relief. I know they have Nelson, but I don't think he is the answer for them. If they want to make a run this year, Alston would be a better option and you could bring Nelson off the bench as a scorer. I think it works for both teams.

Another guy I thought of was Leon Powe. I think Houston should have a roster spot for him to sign him. They could also sign and trade him to get rid off Novak or something. He plays really hard and while he wouldn't be a starter, he could backup at both PF and C. I would look to sign him even if they make another trade for a PF.

The next guy I looked at was Ike Diogu from Indiana. They might have to take on Harrison as well to make the deal work, but that wouldn't be that bad. Diogu could compete for a starting spot, and with O'Neal, Murphy, Granger, and Foster the Pacers could afford to give him up. I think he could play between 20-25 minutes and get somewhere around 12 and 8. Harrison is a 7-footer who could play 10 minutes behind Yao.

The other idea I thought of was if the rumor is true that Cleveland would trade Gooden if they signed Varejao. The issue with this trade is if Cleveland would want to take on another PG. I think Alston is an upgrade over Snow, and I am not sure Gibson is really the answer at PG despite his playoff showing, but they seem really high on him. Plus they have Jones, Brown, and Wesley who really add a lot of depth at guard.

I am just wondering what you guys have heard and if anything like these are even possible. I would like to see they re-sign Hayes and add another guy. I would really like to see them do the Milicic trade, re-sign Hayes, and sign Powe. Not sure if they have enough money, but Yao, Milicic, Hayes, Diogu, and Reed inside is not a bad lineup and is pretty young.
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