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Originally Posted by Tainted Sword
I love how some of you are praising James for getting to the finals when his team had arguably the easiest route. The only team of note they beat was Detroit. They didnít face Miami, they didnít face the Bulls. Also, itís harder for Kobe, as heís in a way tougher division and he unfortunately had to face the 2nd best team in the league first round. Oh and lets not forget Lebronís horrific final performance. ;)

Is it any worse than all of you idiots that think putting one superstar on a team in the East is enough to get them to the finals?

"Put Kobe on any team in the East and it makes the finals! Look what Lebron did!"

"Put KG on any team in the East, and they're automatically contenders!"

And why do you dumbasses always feel the need to compare players, as if it makes a difference in the game of basketball?

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