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Default Re: A Couple Power Forward Ideas

Remember, the idea is to improve the entire rotation while filling all necessary minutes. The Denver idea sounds interesting because both sides get a lot, but what does that do to the SF/SG rotation for the Rockets?

With Alston and James slated to split PG minutes with cameo appearances from Brooks,
TMac should get 36 SG/SF minutes while Battier logs 32-36 at SF and Bonzi cleans up the other 24-28 minutes (assuming his highness deems it appropriate to lower himself to play). Head or Snyder are available to fill in for injuries, back-to-backs, and minutes when someone is cold. If Battier, Bonzi, and Snyder were all traded, there would not be enough talent to fulfill all the minutes required. In fact, if Battier (the Adam Everett of the NBA) goes, it makes TMAC the SF starter and really weakens the SG position as well.
Still, the Rockets are without a real starting PF and a quick backup C.
YAO is solid for 32 minutes, but his efficiency and injury potential zooms up as his minutes rise. Before you squawk about only 32, look at Shaq and most other big centers, that is all they play. Mutombo is not really a 16 minute man and does not fit at all against small lineups so, a PF/C is important. Hayes has proved he can function at PF in the regular season, but is very small for the job. Landry, Novak, and Reed all have good and bad points, but none of the 4 is the answer as an inside PF who can fill 16 minutes at PF and 16 minutes at C when Yao sits.
Trade material: First of all, cap freers like VSpan and Sura who are not players and JLIII if anyone wants him. Then, the meat to go with the money: Snyder, Head, or Alston (if you think Head can play the point with James), and one of Reed, Novak, Hayes, or Landry if the other side needs a replacement big man on the bench. VSpan and Sura's contracts give the ability to reach a higher contract price for someone another team wants to unload for this season, but that higher contract will probably linger after they are gone.
On Denver, can they really afford to trade Camby with KMart less than 100%. I know they tie up $20 million very inefficiently, having $12MM in KMart with noone to play the bulk of the C minutes does not look like a good idea to me. Trades sure look better than free agency for the Rockets, but deals do not look easy. The GM will look really bad if he can't get someone at PF after the way he drafted. Let's see what really happens.
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