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Originally Posted by kwajo
like I've said before, if Rudy drops to us? We're freaking SET. He's going to be as good as Manu, so a rotation of MoPete and Rudy at SG is fantastic. I doubt he drops, bbut oh man am I excited about it. MAybe we can pull this:

Trade Villa + #1 to Memphis for Gasol + #24. Then we use 24 to draft Rudy, then we have an incredible trio of Spaniards - Calderon, Fernandez, Gasol - along with Bosh, MoPete, Graham, (hopefully J.Will) and our 2nd round picks

[on the other hand Villa is still all-star talent, so maybe we should keep him)

wow, for a minute there i thought you were talking about rudy gay, and i was like "hows he gonna "fall" to us, we got the #1 pick baby", then "he aint gonna fall to #24, are you on crack" then i read about the spaniards and realised "****"

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