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Default Re: Shooting Guard Situation.

Originally Posted by luigi>mario
Well, The great question for the Jazz is now a little more clear, What will we do at the 2 spot? The 3 spot is pretty full as things stand now so these guys will have to get their minutes at the two spot.

M Peterson?
C Magette?

What is your solution?

Corey Maggette won't fill your need at SG. Morris Peterson would be a great fit, and I think you'll be pleasently suprised with Mrris Almond even though I'm not sure if he's a SG. Ronnie Brewer should get more minutes and C.J. Miles is good, but overrated. Give Brewer the minutes if you guys don't get MoPete and see what Almond can do at the SG position. If he fits, use him, but Sloan is known for shying away from rookies so IDK how realistic that would be, even though Millsap was a welcome exception as Almond might be. He might fit because Sloan also is known for putting two PG's on the floor at once, so I wouldn't be suprised at all to see Almond get serious minutes at SG and be mildly successful.
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