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Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
i played both nba live wasnt as bad as peopl.e say it to be. and in all reality 2k5 <nba live 05 2 years of them making a good basketball sim does not make all 2k series the ultimate Basketball game. Also if you play the NBA live Season you can actualy trade using salarie cap and its realistic to form a good team.
Some aspects of Live are good, but the game play is too unrealistic. In live 06 if you were a scorer you can literally scorer when ever you want no matter what the defense is doing. Live 07 I haven't played too much of but it has a lot of the same problems and glitches 06 had. Another example is when you go for a rebound or dunks people fly like 4 feet in the air(people like Yao Ming). The game is mostly arcade 2k is the best game available for simulation basketball.
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