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Default Re: Greatest By the Numbers

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Michael Jordan went into the NBA Finals in his 7th Season while Lebron although got sweep compete for the championship.

Lebron is a better overall player than Michael Jordan during his first 4 years in the NBA and when Jordan have a memorable performance the Boston Celtics always owned his @ss.
too bad bird, mchale, parish, dj, ainge and walton aren't around, or we could watch them sweep lebron year after year. unfortunately the league is a watered down, 30 team wasteland now compared to the mid 80s when it required multiple HoFers just to make the finals and guys like billups and parker only won finals mvps in their dreams.

edit: wait, i'm sorry. you're just trolling aren't you? i shouldn't have responded at all. my bad.
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