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Default Re: Is Skita the next foreign superstar?

Originally Posted by GoldNugg21
Caron/Amare isn't significantly better than Carmelo/Nene anyway.

That is true, in 2007....

Butler/Amare averaged 4.0 more rebounds, 0.35 more blocks, and 0.93 more steals per game, while...

Melo/Nene averaged 1.6 more points and 0.3 more assists per game

pretty close, becaue Butler>Melo at defense, but Melo>Butler on offense


Nene>Amare at defense, but Amare>Nene on offense

this also doesn't take into account that Nene only played 26 minutes per game last year, so if he were to play 35 minutes per game like any starter, his stats would probably be inflated by 20-25%
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