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Default Re: Mo Pete signs with New Orleans

I knew the Jazz weren't going to land Mo Pete the minute I read the paper this morning and saw that Kevin O'Connor basically said that Peterson wasn't worth the MLE. Maybe his opinion will change when the Jazz wake up in March and realize that they really could have used him.

Fisher leaves and gives us an opportunity to spend a little money and get that final piece that we need to be true contenders. Unfortunately, that opportunity will be squandered because Miller is a cheap ass who will never pay the luxury tax.

I'm somewhat glad that the jazz didn't sign him. They already have giricek, almond, brewer, and miles at the 2. I would like to see what they can do with some real playing time next year. Especially Brewer.

Sounds a lot like what people are saying all over local Jazz radio, and I don't agree. Giricek is as good as gone, Miles is probably gone (and even if he stays he will likely ride the bench for a LONG time for not playing in the RMR), Brewer can't shoot and Almond can't play D.

Typical Utah Jazz. Larry thinks he's spent enough money so the team decides to "see what they've got in the young guys." Fisher was a much bigger loss than a lot of people want to admit and I have very little faith that the Brewer/Almond combo is going to get us back to the WCF.

Well done, Jazz Front Office.
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