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Default Re: Robinson waved from Nets

Originally Posted by kwajo
Kids these days have no respect for their elders

What respect should we give him? He left us hanging against Miami in the playoffs two years ago with a suspension on drug use, after we trusted him through an 82 game season. We give him another chance to redeem himself, and he puts absolutely no effort or purpose into playing last season, basically being a defensive and offensive liability, worse than Collins. When we needed him the most, he didn't show up, literally. He was supposed to be a big piece to our puzzle, an experienced big man who could defend and shoot from the outside, but he played like a rookie last year.

I know he's old, but Come on. If you don't want to play, then retire, and quit playing this game of "I want to be the oldest NBA player ever." Otherwise, don't wear a Nets uniform, and take your silly games elsewhere.

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