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Default Re: Eddy Curry making big news again

Originally Posted by Lebron23
What is the relevance of this pathetic posts in this thread? You are not only harassing me but you are discouraging other poster here to post some logical thoughts in the forum.

This coming from you is like a speech to the graduating class of Harvard by George W. Bush about intelligence, honesty and integrity in politics.

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Dude please stay on topic and stop being a pain in the @ss in this site. You know what you are not even funny so we do not need a good laugh.

I'll make you a deal. Stop creating threads, and I'll happily do all of the above. I'll throw in a bonus to the deal too: Learn how to speak ****ing English, and I'll donate $500 to ISH in your name.

Originally Posted by Lebron23

Please stay on topic and stop being a troll in this site.

Who are you to wave your finger?
So full of it
Eyeballs deep in muddy waters
****ing hypocrite

Tool - The Pot

Originally Posted by Lebron23

By the way on topic i think Eddy Curry will have a very memorable 2007-08 Season i can see him earning his 1st NBA All Star appearance. Now that Shaquille O'Neal is past his prime and the NY Knicks would probably improve tremendously due to the addition of Zach Randolph in the Knicks Front Court.

Eddy Curry will carry his team into the NBA Playoffs.

Oh yeah? You're real knowledgeable about Eddy Curry huh? Tell us more. I like fortune cookie responses. "I think <everyone> will have a memorable season!". Ya think? Oh wait, I know the answer to that question.
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