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Default Re: Zach Randolph + Eddy Curry is dumb and here's why.

Originally Posted by geeWiz15
Logically, the best case scenario turns Zach Randolph into almost a full-time midrange jumpshooter offensively. And that brings me to the final reason this trade is stupid: in the *best case scenario*, a player's talents are wasted. You obviously can't have 2 guys posting up on the block with the ball simultaneously. One guy is going to have to step out and one guy is going to have to occupy the block and only one of these players can step out and that's Randolph. Also consider: what about Quentin Richardson? He, too, is best when he is posting up. Then you've got Stephon Marbury, who is best when he's penetrating and has the ball in his hands. Where will there be room?

I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to respond to this in particular before going.

People keep talking about Randolph being a "low post scorer", yet more and more over the last couple seasons, Randolph has been in the low post less and less. People complain about him falling in love with his jumper and people complain about him being a black hole on offense.

When you're a low post scorer and you get good enough at it, you're going to command a double team. It's not easy to score in the low post against a double team. Sometimes you can split the defenders, turn away from the double, etc., there's plenty of things you can do, but the most damage you do from the low post when you're double teamed is hitting the open man with a good pass that he can catch and shoot. Randolph is a good enough low post scorer to command a double team, and he's a black hole on offense, so more and more defenders are taking away his bread and butter, aka the low post, and more and more he's taking them outside and making them respect his midrange game. So, while he is a good low post player, and he is a black hole on offense, one thing he is not is one-dimensional. He doesn't need the ball in the low post for the entire game, he can share the low post with Curry. And besides, the odds of the two of them both tearing up a team in the post in the same game just aren't that high. You can easily establish Curry in the post in the first quarter and Randolph can do whatever. Three minutes into the quarter, when Curry picks up his second foul, you can switch up and put Randolph in the post.

Marbury would actually thrive with people to pass to, as long as he's willing to pass to them. If he's in the right headspace and is making good decisions on the court, having Curry and Randolph on the floor at the same time isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's a lot of possessions in a game, and good defensive teams will take away what's working for you. When good defensive teams take either Curry or Randolph out of the game, you've got the other two to fall back on. If they take both of them out of the game, then you've got your perimeter and hustle guys to fall back on. If the perimeter guys and the hustle guys are taken out of the game as well as your low post guys, ya most likely weren't in the game to begin, and ya might as well toss the scrubs in for some much needed experience.
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