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Default Re: Zach Randolph + Eddy Curry is dumb and here's why.

Zach is more of a mid-range shooter to begin with and plays more of the high post, while Curry plays real close the basket and tries to score within 10 feet. Offensively it sounds ideal other then the fact that both have turnover problems. What do you want Randolph to do shoot 3's? And Curry supposedly new skill this year will be a mid range shot somewhat evident from the 3 pointer he hit against the bucks.

Besides Randolph is a huge improvement over Lee and Frye offensively. He can actually shoot the ball and has actual post moves. And he can't be any worst of a defender then Frye or Lee.

Because neither player can control the game from the post. Both can score from there rather well but neither can control the game. Neither can direct an offense.

This I actually agree with. Curry thought process goes something like this:
1)Ok there's one defender on me, let me try to post up and score
2) There's 2 defenders in my area let me just pass it out.

He needs to learn how to get deep in the post and punish team for doubling him by passing it out to the open man. But sadly once he goes in motion with his post move, he's not giving up the rock

Also consider: what about Quentin Richardson? He, too, is best

He used to be his best at posting up, but these days Q-Rich is a spot up shooter. And I think he will continue this trend coming off another season from injury.

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