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Default Re: OT-Dwight Freeney's contract

Originally Posted by Xplicit
The Saints are paying Charles Grant 21 million guaranteed. For what the market is offering DE's and the expansion of the salary cap, Freeney more than deserves 30 mil.
WHO? That was another highway robbery by a player... I think Freeney is a great pass rusher at least...

Originally Posted by GOBB

Thats the going rate for players of his caliber. He's not a bad run defender. But his claim to fame is rushing the pasher and he does it extremely well. In the game thats what it is about. Teams look for that LT to stop that pass rushing DE. Take Freeney off that DL and watch the effects. Indy drafts too low to be replacing a player of his stature.

He is small and he spins himself out of plays although if its a passing down its fantastic. His style of play puts him out of position to often. Basically, you run the ball down his throat. He is a great compliment to a high scoring offense that puts teams behind most times where he can exercise his strengths but he is in no way a great 30 mill DE...
To me Michael Strahan is probably the best all around DE he could have commanded that kind of money if anyone!
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