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Default Re: NBA Live on Wii

I have a 360, but I really want a Wii and may buy myself one this month.

I think the Wii is a system all about fun and gameplay, and that's what I look for in my video game. Im still amazed at how the PS2 looks and Im sure they can gradually grow just like all other systems have into a pretty solid device for graphics, i think they're worried more about gameplay right now too as they're just putting out their first batch of games.

I mean the 360's main improvement is just the graphics,pretty much plays the same as the original. Ps3 has a little motion thing in the controller, but the Wii is a totally new type of gameplay with good enough graphics and hundreds of dollars cheaper. And if they come out with a fightnight for Wii it will certainly be mine.

As long as the graphics are in 3d and look relatively realistic I can live with it as long as the game is fun. I don't NEED to see video games that look like Im watching television.
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