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Default Re: are macs worth the extra money

Originally Posted by -primetime-
honestly, I can't think of one good reason to get a mac.

95% of the world runs on windows...why would you want to stray away from that?

I am an artist...and even I would never use a mac...they don't have any 3D software to use....and what's up with the one mouse button thing?

and if you ever want to play a game on your mac...forget about it, they don't make any.

there is 20x more software available for PCs...

yes you can run windows from a mac but it is not the same.

the ONLY plus side I see to getting a mac is less spyware/virus....PCs are better in EVERY other way possible.

pcs are not better for anything. There is a shift going on from PC to MAC just you wait and see.

Theyre better than PCs. I was once like you til my PC fried and i got fed up with it so i figured id give a mac a shot and i got an ibook. Ever since then ive been a mac supporter. Every single thing I do on it is far superior to it.

Oh and the one mouse button thing you can just hold control and click to get the "right mouse button" settings.
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