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Default Re: are macs worth the extra money

Originally Posted by dudeguykid
pcs are not better for anything. There is a shift going on from PC to MAC just you wait and see.

yeah the entire business world of today is suddenly going to switch over to macs.....and macs don't even run the software they use.

nice try...even Steve Jobs knows this will never happen. Macs are for home users only....and a few advertisement companies.

Originally Posted by dudeguykid
Theyre better than PCs. I was once like you til my PC fried and i got fed up with it so i figured id give a mac a shot and i got an ibook. Ever since then ive been a mac supporter. Every single thing I do on it is far superior to it.
please explain what it is exactly that Macs can do better...

I know one thing they are worse at...HAVING SOFTWARE

can you get online and play any games with your mac?...NO, because no one makes games for Macs because the market is so tiny. No one makes decent software in general for macs because of the fact that NO ONE HAS A MAC.
Originally Posted by dudeguykid
Oh and the one mouse button thing you can just hold control and click to get the "right mouse button" settings.
yeah I know you have to hold down control....but when are they gonna get with the times and move on to two buttons and a wheel?
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