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Default Re: are macs worth the extra money

I agree with primetime. Also, you can build a hell of a PC for the price you want to put down on a mac, #1.

I've heard from people who have macs and they absolutely hate them. They say that certain web pages won't load, and they have all kinds of compatibility problems with software. Not to mention there is very little software available for a Mac.

You can run a half dozen different OS'es under a PC.

And Mac's answer to the software issue? They came out with a Mac that runs Windows.

So where is the advantage really?

If you ask me, Mac's are just for the computer illiterate crowd who can't figure out how to install a video card, or hook up a computer.

There are SOOOO many different ways you can setup a PC, also.

I've ran a PC for the last 20 years, and I've never had anything fail on me ever. I had two nasty viruses, but in both of those cases, it was my fault for running a program I downloaded too quickly, instead of giving the antivirus software a chance to yell at me to delete it.

In both cases, I was able to remove the virus without losing a thing on my computer or damaging anything.

And opening multiple windows? I have a 1200mhz system with 512mg of ram. Archaic by todays standards. And I have run up to 30 tabs in ******* firefox at one time. I constantly have file manager open, maybe Shareaza running in the background. I never have any issues.

And if I choose to run Linux, it runs even smoother. (because we all know Microdaft sucks)

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