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gin17 11-12-2008 09:00 AM

varejao or ariza?
who could give better fantasy points for me? varejao or ariza (coz ill drop gomes)?

also one of my friends wants to trade nene and al harrington for my andris biedrins, although i think i shouldn't. biedrins is fantastic as of late and the other two seem more prone to injuries. i'd still want your opinions though before acting. (and yeah i will drop gomes if i do the trade)

and this is my team (which does pretty well lately, although i may plan to drop sessions when ridnour comes back)

PG Jason Kidd(Dal - PG)
SG Peja Stojakovic(NO - SG,SF)
G Leandro Barbosa(Pho - PG,SG)
SF LeBron James(Cle - SF)
PF Tim Duncan(SA - PF,C)
F Rasheed Wallace(Det - PF,C)
C Andris Biedrins(GS - C)
C Jermaine O'Neal(Tor - PF,C)
Util Ramon Sessions(Mil - PG,SG)
Util Ryan Gomes(Min - SF,PF)
BN Gilbert Arenas(Was - PG) INJ
BN Matt Barnes(Pho - SF)
BN Shane Battier(Hou - SF) INJ

yeah my 2 injuries suck but i still manage to win 6-3s over my friends. or should i go thinking of dropping/trading them to lesser players but could give me points now?

benJAMin 11-12-2008 11:12 AM

Re: varejao or ariza?
Looks like a 10 or 12 man league, meaning Battier shouldnt be owned. He doesnt do enough to warrant owning when he's actually playing most of the time anyway.

Ariza and Varejao are a toss up. Phil loves Ariza right now in LA, but that doesnt mean he's guaranteed these kinds of mins all year. Varejao has established himself in the rotation, and will probably see the mins he's getting right now. I feel like Varejao is the long term option, because Ariza is battling Odom right now, and Odom is too talented to not get it going eventually (unless he's traded). But feel free to take Ariza for short term value or Varejao for long term I guess.

I wouldnt do the trade. Even though I dont trust Biedrins' situaiton with Nellie, I think you can get much more for him right now.

Who's on the FA list?

runningdonut 11-12-2008 02:21 PM

Re: varejao or ariza?
I wouldnt do the Harrington/Nene for Biedrins deal. Also agree that you need to drop Battier and look on FA's for someone to add. Look for Scola, Outlaw, Marquis Daniels, even someone like Paul Millsap.

gin17 11-13-2008 08:13 AM

Re: varejao or ariza?
12 man league. i took varejao. for now i see steve blake, trevor ariza, darrell arthur, q richardson, grant hill, kyle lowry, and chris quinn in the higher ranks in the FA. al harrington was just dropped by my friend a while ago.


Look for Scola, Outlaw, Marquis Daniels, even someone like Paul Millsap.
all of them are taken already

i am just a newbie in nba fantasy, so i didn't know. i'm now thinking of dropping battier, but i don't know who would replace. opinions?


gin17 11-14-2008 07:23 AM

Re: varejao or ariza?
i just need to make sure. keeping battier is not worth it?

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