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gigantes 03-28-2009 04:47 PM

Charley Rosen explains how to beat the Nets:
did you catch this?

an extract:

# Both [Phil Jackson and Jim Cleamons] admire the spacing in Lawrence Franks' offensive schemes. The variety of his sets also poses a problem lots of reverse action, and numerous ways of arranging isolations.

# However, the Lakers are aware of some of the Nets' automatics. For example, when the point guard spins and reverses direction above the foul line, one of the wings will always execute a backdoor cut. Preventing these cuts and the easy baskets they produce will be a high priority.

# Princetonian offenses basically look to take advantage of overplays with backdoor cuts and back-screens. "As a rule," said Jackson, "we'll look to sink our defense to wall-up the lane."

# The Nets run high screen/rolls and don't run wing S/Rs. Many of these will be for Vince Carter including drag screens when he carries the ball across the timeline. Indeed, most of their half-court offensive thrusts start or end in S/Rs. The Lakers' general defensive philosophy is to try to push the ball sideline/baseline so the immediate question is where will the defensive help come from on the Nets' S/Rs. "We'll start with weak-side rotations and see what happens," said Jackson.

# The Lakers must also concentrate on keeping the Nets off the offensive glass especially Lopez and Boone.

# The Nets like the Spurs station their most reliable long-range shooters in the corners and look to make kick-out passes.

# Limiting New Jersey's running game is another priority. "They want to play an up-tempo game," said Cleamons, "and they'll run with opportunity. But their fast break is not reckless and is always under control. So we have to get back defensively."

# On defense, the Nets like to front the low post. To counter this, the Lakers will clear the weak-side to limit the availability of help defenders.
i don't always agree with rosen (especially re: carter), but like him or not he really gets down to the details. great to hear how an outsider views the nets tendencies IMO. (also the respect he has for frank)

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