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vapid 10-13-2006 10:45 PM

Players that you will avoid like the plague
Which players do you just refuse to draft or trade for no matter what?

Some of mine:

Kenyon Martin- I think his big name status is the only reason hes drafted nowadays.
Shaq- I have never drafted shaq. I hate his ft% and slacker attitude.
Ben Gordon/Rip Hamilton- They are good at what they do... but all they do is shoot.
Ginobili- I also believe he is overrated due to his name recongnition. Can be easily injured.

ThaKid 10-13-2006 10:48 PM

co sign with shaq, and ben only if he drops
i dont like draftin shane battier either

jrt1584 10-13-2006 11:25 PM

Dirk Nowitzki
Yao Ming
Andrei Kirilenko
Peja Stojakovic
Emeka Okafor
Mehmet Okur
Raymond Felton
Andrew Bogut
Morris Peterson
Troy Murphy
Mike Dunleavy Jr
Tyson Chandler

Those are just the players I don't like that actually hold some sort of fantasy value because I dont know how i'd be able to follow how they're doing for a full 82 games cuz they're boring and/or I just dont like them. There are more players that I stay away from that just suck, but there's too many to list.

spree8149 10-14-2006 01:21 AM

shaq- declinig each year
tmac-injury problems
bdavis- injuries nd poor shootin
kamrt- injuries
rookies- id rather go wit a sure thing

lebron_zoom 10-14-2006 01:40 AM


Originally Posted by spree8149
rookies- id rather go wit a sure thing

:applause: hate takin those risks

big ben-gettin worse, new team
Ak-injury prone
Boozer-injury prone
basically anybody injury prone (took a risk with Yao this year)

Tess Squad 10-14-2006 01:47 AM

excellent thread! :cheers:

Im in it to win it without the following.......

I agree with
Shaq - worse and worse every year. Only draf if I can swindle a great trade. Some people will give up gold for this nightmare. GOLD!
Dunleavy - this guy sucks on any team
Okafor - a 23 year old in 65 year old cancer patient's body
Chandler - avoid the guy that TOs more than BLKs and FTs like he FGs
Kenyon Martin - and he coulda been so f'n good
AK47 - aka 47 games played for a 2nd/3rd rnd pick is fool's gold
Hamilton - not where he is always drafted. Much better fantasy value should be out there in the 4th sometimes 3rd round when he's taken. He only scores with a slightly above avg %. Thats it. No 3s!!!

My Own Don'ts
Desmond Mason - Boo this man. And he started over JR last year. Boooooo
JR Smith - his history is bubonic
Jaric - Most boring PG ever. Ever.
Stackhouse- he's only gonna be valuabe if his team is in the playoff hunt late in the season. Not draftworty for my squad. Let him get dropped and grab him in March/April.
Toine Walker - 2 TO's, 30% 3s, 50% FTs, 40% FGs, and nothing else
Mark Blount - Avoid the C that never blocks, barely gets 10 pts., and gets less than 5 Rebs with about 3 TO's and never gets to the FT line
Franchise - I hope he proves me wrong. But a PG w/ pts<15 and TOs =5 is not drafted by me

I take serious issue with
Dirk - I need to hear why you wouldn't draft Dirk before I explain why you should
Yao - Same with Yao. Tell me why not. I don't understand? We're talking C's here!!
Ben Gordon- I can see why not because all he does is score. But dont count out a prolific scorer coming into his 3rd year on a team that is getting more well rounded. His #s could very well round out as well....too young and too good to count out now....i'd draft him for sure if it were right....
Troy Murphy - mid/Late round draft for a STL/AST heavy team who needs scoring/3s/rebs and a PF spot empty?....yes please

lebron_zoom 10-14-2006 02:12 AM

Well for Yao he has toe issues and this is his third toenail removed i believe, nothing really wrong with Dirk, people just think hes over rated cause he choked but hes definately not a player that you should avoid, not sure bout Troy Murphy (never had him on my team) and Gordon is only good on a team that needs points cause he wont do much else for you

jrt1584 10-14-2006 03:08 AM

I need to hear why you wouldn't draft Dirk before I explain why you should

I just don't like him. Luckily, in both of my drafts, I haven't had to be in a situation where i've had to even think about drafting him. Got the #2 pick in my yahoo 12 team public league and took KG (Lebron went #1) and got the #4 pick in my 14 team custom league and took KG again (after Lebron, Kobe, & Marion were off the board), and KG happens to be my favorite player in the league so I wasn't gonna pick anyone else unless I had to.

Same with Yao. Tell me why not. I don't understand? We're talking C's here!!

Same as Irk, I just dont like him. Plus, I dont think he'll be able to put up the #'s that he did the 2nd half of last year over the course of an entire season. And like Irk, he wasn't around when either of my 2nd round picks came along anyways so it doesnt really matter.

Troy Murphy

Boring, therefore I don't like him. More than likely could've grabbed him in both of my drafts if I wanted too, but i'm sure I got someone just as productive, if not more.

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