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BayAreaSportz 07-15-2009 02:59 PM

So Whats Next?
Although Curry has struggled thus far with this shot in Summer League, I don't think he's going to stay at 31% for a long period of time. What I am concerned with is if he's having a hard time getting shots off against guys is Summer League, how does he plan to do to get good shots up against NBA players? Curry is clearly a shoot first player so how does that bode well with playing alongside players like Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Kelenna Azbuike and Corey Maggette. All are shoot first, shoot second then pass players. Whats going to happen is that guys like Randolph will suffer. This is a kid that is a star in the making, but he may never get a chance with Ellis and Curry. Both want to be the star player on this team and both will shoot the ball whenever they get a chance even if that means bringing the ball down and jacking it up which Ellis is known to do often.

The problem, and this is something that Nellie will never get, is that it doesn't matter if your team scores 106 points per game. If you're giving up 112 per game, then more often than not, you're going to lose. This team's best perimeter defender is possibly Marco Belinelli. He's the only one that shows intensity out there and fights through screens like he means it, but he's going to be a bench player since Ellis is going get his 38 minutes a game. This coming season is going to be a disaster...

Predicition: 35 - 47

bdreason 07-15-2009 07:30 PM

Re: So Whats Next?
It'll be a trainwreck... but trainwrecks can still be exciting to watch!

I've been a Warriors fan a long time... trainwrecks are nothing new to me.

Monta / Curry
SJax / Belinelli
K.A. / Maggette
Randolph / Wright
Biedrins / Turiaf

That's a lot of talent, you never know. If everything came together quickly, we could make an 8th seed. :cheers:

Personally, I wouldn't mind sucking terribly and landing a high draft pick and a chance at John Wall.

As I've stated before, we will never be a contender through free agency... so we have to rely on the draft.

Also, the sooner Nelly goes, the better.

Brujesino 07-16-2009 05:12 AM

Re: So Whats Next?
next is just getting better defensivly which is way easier said then done to the warriors

i want to see more big lineups and less small line ups no more azubuike or maggatte at PF

unless its a obvious mismatch

also unless monta and curry can play together dont do it to much this will cost us a bunch of points

any one esle liking the cartier martin guy playing for us in the summer league
he a 6'7 version of Buike with better defense atleast it looks that way in the summer league

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