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MeLO MvP 15 08-08-2009 09:40 PM

What about these trades?

K Mart for Luol Deng and Jerome James( or Taj Gibson)

then we could sign like big baby davis or david lee.....

not so great of a trade

it does not really help our big prob, actually makes it worse and dengs contract is a lot longer than k marts

or we could help facilitate a boozer trade by....

doing something like

Hinrich or Deng to Denver, Boozer to Chicago, Tyrus Thomas to Utah

helps save utah money, chicago gets their target in boozer, and denver gets a capable combo guard in hinrich that could b used for 3 point shooting and defense.... or deng could help act like our version of rashard lewis

this is obviously the better option cuz we dont give up anything... the only thing i could see affecting this is us not wanting to help a division rival but.... still plausible

Pokerface 08-08-2009 10:48 PM

Re: What about these trades?
IMHO, the only trade with the Bulls that makes sense to me would be a sign and trade of Kleiza for T. Thomas, or trade Balkman for Thomas. They have Billups and Lawson, thus, they don't need Hinrich.

el gringos 08-09-2009 12:31 PM

Re: What about these trades?
That second trade would be amazing- kirk hinrich would be a perfect addition, it would give that second big time nba gaurd + he has what that role needs, defense/shooting/handling -

With the way karl likes 2 gaurd offenses hinrich would be a perfect 3rd gaurd who could play behind and with billups,

Last year I thought there were 2 gaurds that the nugs should target in trades, hinrich and billups- having both would make our team have the best gaurds in the nba

Hinrich and carmelo played really well together on a team usa and its the top of the roster that needs work now that we've seen this team can put themselves in position to win it all

*Jr smith
*rasheed wallace

That's the best rotation in the nba- whoops forgot the nugs didn't try for rasheed, plug in birdman, still maybe need another big but hinrich would fill one of the 2 main holes in the roster (lawson didn't fill that spot, he filled harts spot)

And I wanted thomas a lot, but I think the bulls bought him out and dallas signed him

NuggetsFan 08-09-2009 08:32 PM

Re: What about these trades?
I don't see the point in getting Deng. He's more of a natural 3 and there's no point in paying him that kinda money to come off the bench.

2nd trade is perfect for us tho. Don't give up anything and get back Kirk? would pull that deal in a second. Good defender ..can play both the 1\2 and is a good shooter.

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