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artificial 01-01-2010 11:20 PM

Iverson enjoyed his time off, needed Philly
First of all, happy 2010. Hope it turns out to be a good year for everyone here.


“Retirement was the best for me,” said Iverson, whose official retirement lasted about a week. “[Philadelphia] is the only thing that could have brought me back, to play in this situation right here. I felt like I was having the time of my life.

“I always thought that once I gave the game up that it would be miserable for me and I thought about how I would miss it. But at the time that I was out, I didn’t miss it because my family took over all of that. Just being there with my family every day, being able to see my kids and my wife whenever I felt like it, it was a great feeling to me."


Iverson will be part of this summer’s deep free-agent class, and he hasn’t ruled out playing elsewhere. The Sixers have two young guards – Williams and Jrue Holiday(notes) – they are trying to develop. So far, Iverson’s positive return to Philadelphia has him less inclined to try retirement again.

“We will see,” Iverson said. “I might change my mind once we get to that point. I’ll talk to my wife and we will figure out what we will do. But it has to be a situation to which I will be happy like this situation here. We are not championship favorites or anything like that. We don’t have a great record. I go to practice, I go to games, I’m happy.

“I’m happy with my situation and I love playing with these guys. And that’s the most important thing for me – just to be happy.”
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With the Sixers headed nowhere anytime soon, this is kind of positive I guess. It feels good to see The Answer in a Sixer uniform.

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