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Permodius 06-04-2010 10:02 PM

Why are my hops so inconsistent?
Ever since my ankle injury, I had to stay away from playing basketball for a while. Took 2 weeks before I went to shoot around again. And even just jumping slightly to shoot hurt, so I took one more week before I started to shoot again. When I got back I wasn't anywhere near dunking, and I used to dunk it all the time. I probably only got 4 inches over the rim at full effort. Then I remember 2 weeks back(1 and a half months after the injury) I suddenly was dunking again. It made no sense because I had attempted to dunk days before that and was nowhere near close. Not only was I dunking but I was doing it easily.
I try again the next day and I can't get anywhere near. Then earlier today (2 months after the injury) I came early to the gym to shoot around. I tried with my full effort but I couldn't dunk the ball. Not even when I had a good grip on it. Then after playing 2 full court games I suddenly just exploded up and threw one down. I was so surprised because i could only usually dunk by palming the ball and traveling to the room. But I did the basic 2 dribbles, then explode. I was stunned and so happy at the same time, because it is the first time I have done that even prior to my injury. So why are my hops so inconsistent?

Swaggin916 06-05-2010 12:54 AM

Re: Why are my hops so inconsistent?
Everybody has good and bad days for anything. Some days your energy levels aren't as high... or your muscles are fatigued for whatever reason... and some days you are just ready to roll. Usually tho after a game or two your blood is flowing all throughout your body and your muscles as flexible as they canbe, which results in higher vertical. I find that my vert is the highest after I've had a day or 2 off from work... because I've gotten enough sleep, and my muscles are more loose because there hasn't been any stress.

Permodius 06-05-2010 01:59 AM

Re: Why are my hops so inconsistent?
Thanks Swaggin. I look around a lot of the topics and this is my first created topic because I just got enough posts to make one. And so far you are by far the most helpful person on these message boards.

Swaggin916 06-05-2010 02:39 PM

Re: Why are my hops so inconsistent?
I try to be as helpful ass possible. I like answering questions like these too because they are specific.

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