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insidehoops 04-06-2011 07:18 AM

Flip Saunders quotes after Wizards edge Pistons March 4

On the game:

“We’ve lost enough tough ones, we deserve a little bit of luck. That last one was definitely pretty right on.”

“At halftime I thought our rookies looked like 10 year veteran players the way they were playing in the first half. We made big plays when we needed to. John (Wall) made big plays not only for himself but for other people. He had a couple of turnovers, we didn’t take care of the basketball well, but on the other hand we had 39 fast-break points.”

“April 8, 2008 was the last time this team won three games in a row. There are players who have been here for the last three years but there have also been a lot of different people. So for these guys to go and take care of things is a positive. There are some things for them to build on.”

On progress made throughout the year:

“Earlier in the year if we had fallen behind with a minute and a half left, a lot of times we would have panicked. Tonight we didn’t. Instead of John (Wall) taking the jump shot, he put his head down and got to the basket. That put the pressure on them to stop him.”

On the crowd:

“You have to give props to our crowd. They were really into the game, they were really cheering and I told our players, “They just want you to play hard.” If you play hard, they’re going to reward you.’”

On Andray Blatche’s progress from last year to this year:

“He has really good energy and I think he’s much more patient, and he hasn’t gotten frustrated. We went through a stretch tonight where we looked like we were having problems. Last year he might have gotten frustrated because he wasn’t getting the ball, but tonight he kept doing the things he was

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