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Tenchi Ryu 07-21-2012 06:05 AM

New Sam Smith Article was very good
I suggest all of my Bulls fam to read this, answers a lot of questions going around about whats going on, and general opinions on the matter.

Here is two questions Sam answered that I really think hits home, and something we as Bulls fans should prepare for...

Dr. Cole and most recently D-Rose's older brother Reggie, said that Derrick is ahead on his rehab. Does that mean that he may return sooner than the 8-12 month originally expected? Could we see D-Rose in 6 or 7 months? Or are they trying to imply that it would be closer to the 8 month projection?

-Argie Grigorakos

Sam: I think this is going to be the toughest thing about next season. We figured Derrick would push hard to get back sooner, but then how much do you play him and how hard? The minutes limitation thing hasn’t worked out well in Bulls history with both Jordan and later Joakim Noah. The player inevitably gets caught in the middle and becomes alienated. Jordan never truly forgave management, and Noah’s relationship with Vinny Del Negro suffered. The history of those injuries is the player is back and confident the following season after he can return. So we’ll hear starting around Christmas that Rose is 72 percent or 84 percent with daily speculation and rumors. I’ve talked to executives who have gone through this with players and several said the best method is to wait until the player can go a full rotation, maybe 30 or 32 minutes. Then he fees like he’s back and the coach doesn’t have the pressure. If the Bulls go that way, Rose could be out longer. And then if there are other injuries and the Bulls aren’t in the playoff hunt, maybe they keep him out, anyway, like the Warriors finally did with Stephen Curry, though that invariably leads to accusations of throwing the season for a draft pick. Derrick will want to play, we know that. The doctors can declare him fit, but there’s the mental hurdle as well in taking those leaps of faith. It’s going to be the most complicated issue that truly dominates the season once the mid point comes.

What is Bulls management doing? They obviously have been given no money to get better and made no effort to get Asik on better terms while unsigned! All that is left for the Bulls are over age and/or unreliable mediocrity or worse. Captain Kirk is not a premier get like Lee for Boston, Allen for [the] Heat, or Mayo for [the] Mavs while [the] Bulls get the bottom of barrel. A disgusted fan.

-Dawsey Tamer

Sam: From the mail I’ve gotten these last few weeks, you don’t appear to be in an exclusive club. Not to make excuses, but most of the teams making these moves, like Dallas, the Nets and Boston, went way under the cap like the Bulls did in 2010. They weren’t doing anything then. The Mavs broke up a title team. The Celtics let most of their top players’ contracts expire. The Bulls locked in to big contracts. When you do that, there isn’t much chance to do anything major. That said, the Lakers did some good stuff which could turn to great if they get Howard. But the Bulls without Rose perhaps all next season aren’t that appealing to free agents.

Here is the entire article

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