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Legends66NBA7 10-09-2012 06:52 PM

Get to know a Toronto Raptor: Quincy Acy


Who was your favourite player growing up?

Starting out, my favourite player was Kevin Garnett, just because of his intensity. I love the mindset of Kevin Garnett. My favourite player after that is Amaríe Stoudemire. Just the dunks and all of that: As a young guy coming into the league, he was dunking everything. Thatís what I try to base my game off of: dunking. Itís a mixture: KG and Amaríe.

Who was the coach that was most important for your personal growth?

All of my coaches had a major part in my development. But I spent four years in college with my coaches in college, so Iíd say the whole coaching staff at Baylor. They had a very influential part. They all did something different.

What did you learn at Baylor?

I just grew stronger as a man.

Who is your favourite teammate ever?

(Terrence Ross, another Raptors rookie, says in the distance: ďMeĒ)
I donít like Terrence Ross. No, Iím playing. My best friend, John Bowman. He went to Texas State. Heís still my best friend to this day, so heís my favourite teammate. We were in high school together. He threw me my first alley-oop. When I was first learning how to dunk, we would go to the recreation centre and he would throw me alley-oops. Weíre best friends. We grew up together. Weíre chasing the dream.

What are your goals this season?

Stay on the team.

You donít want to go down to the D-League?

Well, you know, if it helps. But, you know. Get in [NBA 2K13, the video game in which he was initially not included]. I want to make sure to go hard in every practice, make sure I apply myself, make sure I am affecting this team in a positive way. Whether Iím seeing the floor or not, I can affect the team, even if itís practice. I can be a great vocal leader. I can do a lot of things besides affecting the team on the court. And if I do get on the court, make sure I give it my all, defending, toughness, everything that defines my game, make sure I do my best to bring that.

Whatís something people should know about you that they probably donít?

I donít know. Iím not as old as I look. Iím supposed to be a senior in college right now. I got skipped up when I was younger. Iím supposed to be a senior in college.

Which grade did you miss?

I was in pre-kindergarten. Sometimes kids just donít go to that one and go to kindergarten next year. But I was in pre-kindergarten and while I was in that, I got skipped up to kindergarten, passed the tests to make sure I was at the grade level, and they kept me there. So Iím a grade ahead.

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