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UConnCeltics 03-10-2013 09:46 AM

DeAndre Daniels
What does ISH think of him? Obviously he won't be in the draft this year, but I just wanted to be the first to say he will be a 2014 lottery pick. He is a 3 playing the 4, sometimes the 5, for UConn. He isn't one of those awkward tweeners, UConn just doesn't have many big men so I think his experience will help him at the next level. Needs to beef up a little bit, but good size at 6'9'' 200 lbs. I personally think he is Jeff Green Jr. Here they are number-wise their sophomore year.

Green PPG: 11.9
Daniels PPG: 12.1

FG% Green: .445
FG% Daniels: .468

3FG% Green: .315
3FG% Daniels: .309

FT% Green: .624
FT% Daniels: .705

Green RPG: 6.5
Daniels RPG: 5.5

Green APG: 3.3
Daniels APG: 0.7

Green BPG: 1.0
Daniels BPG: 1.5

Green SPG: 0.9
Daniels SPG: 0.8

Stats are relatively similar, despite the fact that at the end of Green's sophomore season he had 2,156 career minutes whereas Daniels only has 1,253 at the end of his sophomore season. A lot of untapped potential, and I do have to say it is quite amazing how much he has developed under Kevin Ollie.

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