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skeptical 01-20-2008 01:29 PM

Shavlik Randolph?
Do any of you know why he's getting no playing time? Is he still hurt? Has he fallen out of favor with the coach? What's happening?

donsanchez306 01-20-2008 11:48 PM

Re: Shavlik Randolph?
give the man time i remember he was one of my fav's because he gave effort i dunno his current situation but i'll give him the benefit of the doubt because he was really good concerning hustle but not ability. as of now i think he is just recovering ..... so les go draft class 08:D

artificial 01-21-2008 12:54 AM

Re: Shavlik Randolph?
Shavlik suffered an ankle injury at the beginning of the season and was placed on the injured list. Then he made a comeback on dec 7 & 8, where he played a grand total of 5 minutes (4 in dec 8) and got 1 rebound.

That's all I could find. I don't know if he went back to the IL after that, and if that was the case whether if it was due to injury or just went to the doghouse. More info will be appreciated :)

skeptical 01-21-2008 10:17 AM

Re: Shavlik Randolph?
I knew about the injury, but I thought he was healed and ready to go. When I look at the roster on, I don't see him listed as injured. I've often thought that he got his tryout because of Billy King's Duke connections. I wonder if there is a relationship between Shav's lack of playing time and King's departure.

donsanchez306 01-22-2008 07:41 PM

Re: Shavlik Randolph?
i think its a case of letting the young guns play like damien wilkins not getting pt over in seattle. although on a lesser scale because its shavie.

skeptical 01-23-2008 12:32 PM

Re: Shavlik Randolph?
Of course, Shav is kind of a "young gun" himself.

skeptical 02-01-2008 10:19 AM

Re: Shavlik Randolph?
If Shav didn't play in the 112 - 69 rout of the Bucks (and he didn't), then I think it's safe to assume he's not going to play anymore this year.

skeptical 03-02-2008 09:51 PM

Re: Shavlik Randolph?
Well he played on Friday night and got 2 rebounds. I was beginning to wonder if he had been released. Will he be offered a contract next year?

76ers4life 03-10-2008 06:56 PM

Re: Shavlik Randolph?
I personally don't think Randolph will be back next year.

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