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insidehoops 06-09-2006 04:31 PM

How do you feel about Luke Ridnour
He got better once Bob Hill arrived

TheBrownSound 06-09-2006 05:25 PM

I've said this before and it's still true. Luke Ridnour plays absolutely no D. None. I sat in the second row and watched 100 year old Bobby Jackson torch him. I know BJax is/was good, but Luke just couldn't keep up AND BJax seems to have lost a lot of his speed since the ab injury. I yelled at Hill to take him out and insert Watson but he just shot me a dirty look. True story.

He runs the offence reasonably well, but he is a big reason the Sonics had one of the worst defenses in the leage last year. At best I see him as a solid backup. Here lies the problem - the Sonics have two backups now (3 if you count Wilks, the guy we got for Flip).

Possible solutions to the Sonic's problems:

1. re-sign Wilcox
2. try to make Lewis happy
3. make trades (and better ones than the Flip for Wilks), we have good pieces. a combination of Luke/Wilks and Fortson/Collison (2 trades) could possibly land us a nice point gurad and great 6th man. If Lewis demands a trade, we can up the ante.

In conclusion, Luke is overrated and has trade value (I'd bet the Knicks would take him - but they don't have a point guard worth taking... maybe Francis)

BlackMoses 06-09-2006 11:16 PM

Luke is arguably the worst defender in the league. I say the Sonics make a trade for Brevin Knight. Knight can provide some much needed defense and is just as good at facilitating the offense as Ridnour is.

Unregistered 06-12-2006 03:26 PM

Needs to work on jump shot.

Everything else is perfect.

lollol604 06-13-2006 01:39 AM

luke for knight no way
young for old

markymark 06-13-2006 03:37 AM

luke and ray for paul pierce baby! PP, shard and wilcox = world champs

insidehoops 07-03-2006 07:45 PM

I was pretty surprised Ridnour got invited to try out for Team USA

Young HkM 07-05-2006 12:33 AM

Luke is a good offensive Pg but he really needs to work on defense. Watching him on D is digusting. I think he's a good player for the type of offense Seattle runs, but he would be a little better if his jumpshot becomes more consistant.

JWALKI-5 07-06-2006 12:23 AM

I watched him play in his high school days......
I watched him play in his high school days......this kid was amazing. He packed any gym he played in. I have two very true LUKE stories from a whatcom county native.
The first time I watched him play was against Meridian high school, with a broken/sprained right wrist the man shot lefty the whole game, I believe he went for like 33pts 10 assists, killin jumpers, left handed. This guy was an amazing shooter in high school.
The second time I went to watch Luke was at mount vernon high school, I dont remember who he was playing, but it was districs. The whole f'n county came out to see the phenom and it was sold out. I went down with a couple of my boi's from our squad and were livid we couldn't get in. After two attempts to sneek in without success, we decided to pull the fire alarm. We ran straight for the front door so we could be at the front of the line after evacuation(I was a pretty bad kid I know). We waited about ten minutes as the fire dept arrived to peep the scene out. Nobody evacuated. Pissed Off!! The alarm rang for about fifteen minutes through the game, nobody left the building. After a half hour or so, we successfully snuck in. I was there long enough to see Luke cross this kid up so hared the whole crowd awwwwed, he crossed him back and killed a fifteen footer in his eye, then they pulled him.
My point is this, this kid has the heart of a lion and supreme determination, he will be a star.He will work as hard as he needs to. He is a character guy. But above all he will find his shot, He hit j's like cheech n chong, a great shooter in high school. Mark my words

RainierBeachPoet 07-06-2006 02:54 PM

he aint slick
luke is serviceable-- but he is no slick watts...

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