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Old 10-24-2010, 03:37 AM   #31
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Default Re: Tonight I'm going to do it.

I haven't enjoyed baseball since 1995, and I legitimately tried last year to watch the world series. But those games were running for like five hours with the full counts + fouls on every at bat. No one can make an argument that thats enjoyable when combined with all the bullshitting around they do.
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Default Re: Tonight I'm going to do it.

Originally Posted by the GIBBET
a man drinks, does, says whatever HE likes and doesn't worry about what anyone else says. that's called being a leader.

FOLLOWERS listen to miller lite commercials about "man cards" and try to fit in with all their friends who wear the same frat clothes and think they have to pretend not to like the movie titanic or act like they hate shopping for shoes or drink captain morgans because they wanna be "captain outgoing and charismatic" (theres a captain in everyone!)

That being said, I can't drink more than like half of a hard lemonade because its just too sweet it starts to make me sick to my stomache. And to say "phuck beer" is unthinkable, but acting like its unmanly to drink another beverage because it tastes good??? take it easy, follower frat boys. there's not REALLY any such thing as a "man card" despite what the commercials you tune into to find out what's cool tell you.

If thats what you like to drink, drink it.
So your saying you like titanic? pfft, fag.

As for what to drink, I drink beer mostly. Because I like the taste and can't stand the fruity shit, and I am cheap. Not because I am in a fraternity, or feel I must keep my "man card" exposed at all times. If I am feeling a little wild I will drink whiskey, but thats only when I really wanna let loose.

As for baseball, it sucks shit.
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Default Re: Tonight I'm going to do it.

Mike's harder is for ****. You're a freshman so you get a pass but still...drink beer please.
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Default Re: Tonight I'm going to do it.

Only good part about this sport is the fitteds.
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