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Default Re: WORLD WAR Z trailer (Z is for Zombie).... The apocalypse has begun.

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
They should have done it in a bunch of short films, that happen when the interviews start, thats how I always pictured the film. fans wouldn't need them to be connected anymore than that. Cloud atlas has a bunch of different sets, proving nothing is impossible with enough money.

I believe the film will focus on and expand what happened in America only, will watch just to see the battle of Yonkers.

Yeah, if this went to someone like HBO, they could easily afford to do 75% of the material with a budget in the range of Boardwalk, with some balooning for episodes like Yonkers, and the others I mentioned above, in the way they handle Game of Thrones, maybe bump those episodes to an hour and a half. Use different directors for each episode almost like 30 for 30 does with it's documentaries to get fresh perspectives every week. Use the the reporter gimmick as the wrap around / bumper section of the show to keep a thread of connection week to week (in a cheesey way sort of the way the used the Crypt Keeper as a way to do non-related episodic horror shorts back in the day and keep it under the same banner). To me that would be a great approach to this.

I had forgotten about the feral human stuff. That was really cool too. That was one of those things where it was introduced in a chapter pretty in depth, then referenced in other chapters in passing, which gave that washing over sense of learning about this whole story without going through a direct narrative.

It really is an extremely accessible read. I think I did it in a few weeks, and I'm not an especially fast reader. I really should do it again.

I'm currently trying to muscle through a pretty bad zombie novel, Deadline, that's just not working. I don't read a ton of fiction, and I haven't really read any Zombie stuff other than the Max Brooks stuff, and I picked up Deadline on a whim mostly from enjoying this so much, and just haven't liked it much.
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