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Old 11-13-2012, 08:19 AM   #46
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Default Re: How does Kobe's legacy change by winning a 6th or 7th ring in an "unwinnable" system?

It's not about winning a ring. If he puts 30/5/5 in the playoffs with 50% fg so his legacy will improve for sure. If he puts 20/2/3 with 42% fg not so much.
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Default Re: How does Kobe's legacy change by winning a 6th or 7th ring in an "unwinnable" system?

Originally Posted by poido123
What was so bad about the D'Antoni system back at the suns?

As Ive mentioned in another thread, Nash and the suns were right there a few times to winning the title. Nash now has more talent around him to run the system than he ever has before. Unlike Kobe, he hasnt had the personnel except while he was at the suns to make a serious run at a title, so comparing Kobe's success to Nash's is like comparing oranges to apples.'s some fundamental points you seem to be missing.

1. For context - He did have the talent to get a ring, for a 3 year stretch Phoenix were legit contenders and had all the pieces it should take to win a chip. I'm of the opinion he was screwed out of a title in 07.

2. The D Antoni system has proven ineffective because of how much it relies on 3 point shooting and how much it undervalues defense.

3. You're saying give Nash the ball and put Kobe in the corner. It will not happen like that. They're not simply going to marginalize their best offensive weapon in favor of an unproven that does not even fit the personnel they have right now.

Will they use elements of that system? No doubt.

Will Kobe stop posting up, stand in the corner and shoot threes all game?

4. Nash is 39, he is going to be playing 30 minutes a game and alot of that time will be spent as a spot up shooter.
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Default Re: How does Kobe's legacy change by winning a 6th or 7th ring in an "unwinnable" system?

One of the things that we said at the beginning of the season was that the number of shots Bryant takes will have to drop to accommodate the increased talent and that others will have to be more assertive. As of today, Bryant is averaging 26.1/5.7/4.1 on 59.4% eFG and 16.7 shots a game. That's the fewest number of shots he has taken in 14 years. Seems that, at the very least, the number of shots he has been taking has dropped. He would not have been able to maintain that level of efficiency throughout the season, but I'm interested to see just how sharply his numbers will drop off under a new system. It is apparent that being allowed to pick his spots and score closer to the basket while needing to take fewer bail out shots and taking smarter shots overall have done wonders for his efficiency. I wonder just how much that will change.

The notion that he should be used primarily as a jump shooter is....... amusing. If that is truly how D'Antoni plans to use him, the Lakers should trade Bryant for Kevin Martin right away. They would save tons of money.
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Default Re: How does Kobe's legacy change by winning a 6th or 7th ring in an "unwinnable" system?

Whats the difference between the D'Antoni system and what Spoestra started running in the playoffs and has continued instituting this year? Looks pretty much the same to me.
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Default Re: How does Kobe's legacy change by winning a 6th or 7th ring in an "unwinnable" system?

Originally Posted by RazorBaLade
Nash puts up 10/10 last year
Limit him with triangle/princeton


Kobe putting up 30 on 60%
Give him barbosa's role

"championship here we come"

I love you guys
Sums up this website. Great post. Should have its own thread.
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Old 11-13-2012, 11:58 AM   #51
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Default Re: How does Kobe's legacy change by winning a 6th or 7th ring in an "unwinnable" system?

its just dumb to me when people call it a unwinnable system

the Suns were a top team in the league when he coached them. once he left they sucked. didn't they make the western conference semi's 2 out of 4 years? so how the fukk do people think they can't win? because they didn't win a ring when so few teams do, and the separation between wins and losses between the top teams come down to making a few more shots than the other?

problem is there are so many sports fans caught up in thinking in a box, like everything has to be done in some particular way to win. its the same thing with know it all football heads who still yap about having to run to win in football and they become more and more outdated and behind the times as each year passes in a passers league. there was a time when the complex offense pass happy coaches were way ahead of the general mentality most coaches and GM's had of 'winning football' where they took tons of criticism.

its just such retard mentality to me but whatever. even his Knicks stint especially early on(pre Melo trade) his style was able to be competitive with a lot of better teams with much lesser talent where they'd pull off quite a few upsets altho they seemed to go into OT a lot from what i remember. and post Melo, Lin did not have the handles or quickness to run his offense. nevermind the fact that his team was constantly hurt, and even when they weren't hurt they were playing awful and missing shots and not capitalizing on their opportunities like they are now(melo). D Antoni isn't nearly as bad as his critics act but its just stupid the way a lot of people think.

i do wonder what Barkley has to say about it since i usually respect his views on things.

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