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Old 09-04-2006, 02:45 PM   #1
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Default Cav's stay put...

How do you feel about the Cav's?

Pretty general question,. Maybe I should ask are you happy with the fewest changes made in the NBA?

With a limited salary cap, and assuming we will sign Wesley as a veteran need at point gaurd, are you satisfied that the Cav's will not only be a playoff team, but may advance to the finals?

Sometimes, keeping the same core of players solidify a team. Think Detroit.

We seem young enough, and the potential of knowing your role, Damon Jones and Marshall, should manifest into a proven formula for success.

I know, initially, we have all been waiting for some major deal to come along.

I think the only changes will be a few dropped from the roster to make way for our draft picks.

Can you live with that?, or do you still want a major trade?
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The Love B-Low
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Originally Posted by bruzzes
I know, initially, we have all been waiting for some major deal to come along.

Not me. I love the team we have now, and like you said the only thing we need to do is maybe add another low priced vet. NO MAJOR MOVES. As a long term cleveland fan, i know that we have a tendency to change merely for the sake of changing, not necessarily to get better. We've been through over 60 players in the past 8 years, and that's re-got-damn-diculous. I just want to give this team a chance. We got further last year than we have in well over a decade, so we just need to sit tight and let them grow. Again NO MAJOR MOVES.
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Old 09-05-2006, 04:58 AM   #3
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Here a post from me from a different site

As much as many if wanted to trade everyone in the off season and create a perfect team to surround LeBron it didnt happen. But the good news is for the first time LeBron is goin to come into training camp knowing what the coach wants and who his teammates are. We have 3 new faces. Pollard who will be a 5th Big and not see alot of playing time during important games unless he is gaurding Shaq, Yoa or another big, or is in cause AV fouled out in 24 seconds. Brown who will pretty much be Flips replacement but his game will flow with LeBrons very well, and Gibson who should be spending the season in the D league. No point on sitting him on the benc or the IR. (He will be ready next yr). So what can we do to fix the one hole left. Point Gaurd. I think Snow is a decent point and plays his role well but we need a faster point with a outside shot. We have many 2/3's on the block. Ira, Luke, Sasha, Damon, Snow, Graham, Badsen any team can have there pick for a point. Hell Im sure we would throw in a Donyell for the right point. But if a deal doesn't get done we as Cavs fans have something to look foward to. LeBron will be comfortable and Mike Brown is goin to be a better coach this yr. Hell we might even get a little luck with health.

Cavs might have done the right thing this off season by not over reacting. We were one rebound from being in the ECF last yr with our leader still being in his first playoff run. I really wish we could get another point weither to start or back up Snow but I would rather try with what we have then trade everything away for another new team.
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I think we just got David Wesley, he might start instead of Snow or they might just share the time.
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