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Default roster management? F

the roster management this off season was terrible- the team of idiots gave away 3 major roster slots without replacing any of them
-a 5.5 million dollar player (delonte west, sasha vujacic???)

the nets wanted camby and got najera- so the nugs also chose not to take guys like nenad krstic, nachbar, s swift, or m williams s williams or boone?? any or all of these players would be good additions to this roster

so you want to cut salary? why not trade for players w less salary but still a chip to play w? ex. i would have rather taken tim thomas back for camby and cut 4ish instead of 5- or take kvh's non gauranteed contract from the nets of 4.5 in a trade

the reality is that to cut salary the team should have traded iverson for players worth 17-18 and used camby & najera to make the deal- ex. iverson, camby, & najera for kvh's contract, swift, krstic, nachbar,& s williams would have saved the nuggets 10-13 million on the cap- and i have to think the nets would have taken that deal & that 5 guys like that would have been a good return for what is essentially iverson alone along with even better cap relief than was gotten- i would think that would even be worth paying a pick or so for as well

they cant have tried hard enough to trade iverson- even if it took adding picks- i know it is prob hard to add up enough salaries to move him, but there had to be a team that would take him for the right price- now that the season has started i believe there is a very small chance that he could be dealt during the season- the amount of possible trade destinations will be cut in more than half of an already small #

so IF saving salary was important it HAD TO BE iverson- so the salary cap flexibility reasoning is garbage- am i wrong or is the only way to drop below the cap is to not bring back kleiza? and who are you going to sign for whatever little capsace youd have anyway?

the point gaurd issue- nugs use players not even in the same league talent wise as the rest of the rotation at the most important spot on the floor- so what did the nugs do about pg? sure the top pgs in the draft were taken too early, the suns think they found an nba starter in the middle of the second in goran dragic- nugs didnt even go work him out- instead took weems to put in the 4th or 5th on the depth chart at sg

the one possibility i hoped for to slide(i hoped for denver to find a way to get westbrook or even rose) to denvers #20 spot was a guy i thought was a top 5-10 long term talent that would have looked good for along time w nene & melo was french pf/c 7-1 alexis ajinca- nugs the day before the draft decide there is no one worth waiting around to look at w pick 20- i was crushed when ajinca actually went in that spot- and for what? a lottery protected 1st from a team that wont have to give it to us for 4 or 5 years if ever- heck id be more comfortable right now going into this season w joey dorsey as kmarts backup than birdman

so the nuggets had no intrest in pg in the draft, how about free agency? didnt even take the time to see sean livingstons workouts, and also chose not to pursue delonte west, who would have been a perfect backcourt partner to iverson with the ability to defend & hit 3's

the current roster is a pathetic mess with all sorts of problems
-d jones gauranteed contract w ruben patterson a better fit alongside iverson, smith, or melo
-looks like youll be asking kleiza and balman to play out of position at pf- unless you plan on having your best player play out of position?
-if & when iversons contract expires the roster will be made up of 6 nba players contracts( and thats counting hunter and assuming kleiza is resigned) which means 6-8 min contracts again- will they be willing to use a draft pick or sign a fa next year?

the nuggets have huge image problem that imo actually affects the officiating- and what is done? smush, ruben, birdman, and balkman are brought in to add to the thuggets image

most importantly karl being brought back automatically puts the chances of a complete meltdown season at atleast 50/50- how could you play w fire on those kind of odds?

there are a thousand different ways that they could have reorganized the roster and cap- keeping it all in huge chunks will kill us- now we have a stong crust but the core is nothing once broken into

imo the nuggets future is still as bright as anyones with a core of carmelo, nene, jr smith & kleiza- but it will be a long ugly rebuild to get them some players to complement them- i just cant figure out why they didnt start this season-
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