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Default Keeper League draft

Who would you choose in a keeper league draft that consists of only rookies? Give your top 5, based on who will become a productive fantasy contributor soonest, and/or who will be the best fantasy player a few years down the line.
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Tess Squad
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"soonest" HAHAHA. Thats most awesomestness.

But, uh, its always tough to tell. I don't know if I love any of the lotteries as an impact player. Its not as obvious as some years. I think it could prove to be an decent draft overall down the road, but there may some bright spots right away. Top 5

1 I'll gamble and say Morrison will be one of the top 10 picks that impacts his team bestest and soonest simply becaues he's now a Bobcat and they still suck. He has the size, the shot, and the stash that makes him a tough matchup for a lot of guys. And he's scary to look directly at. As a SG he can run a pick'n'fade with Knight or Felton kick to Morrison, and he'll be lights out if they develop a screen with Wallace.

2 Tyrus Thomas or. LaMarcus Aldredge[/b] - Aldredge picked 2nd by Chicago was then traded to Portland and Chicago picked up Portland's 4th Pick Tyrus Thomas from LSU. Thomas was a beast in College. He's kinda small for a PF in the league (only 6'9"; 215lbs) but has excellent footwork and is a shut down in the paint on D (at least in college). I'm sure they'll try to bulk him up because he doesn't have the outside-in skills to drop to a SF. So he's in Chicago this year and they have a lot of weapons now and he's backing up the ancient P.J. Brown. It would seem like they are indending to build him into split-time with PJ right away. They mainly got him for Defense because they had a bigger and more offensive PF in Aldridge who was criticized for his refusal to play to his strengths and keep his game in the paint. Aldredge in Portland will be backing up Zach Randolph - so right there his impact is limited. They may find a rythm with Zach at SF (which he can do) and Aldredge at PF for 18-20 min per game while D. Miles rests. Anyway, Aldredge tries to be more of a SF with an outside-in style. When he's within 10 ft. he is impressive. He was stong with D in college but Thomas could be a Ben Wallace in this league going forward. Aldredge, a bit bigger, has a better touch and driving ability but can't D nearly as well and doesn't have the mind for the game. Thomas has impressive post tools already, though, he boards both ways, and he is a shot blocker at the other end. Maybe they will look to Thomas if they can sharpen his skills as an inside option because no one in Chicago wants to see Ben Wallace start making moves and putting the ball on the floor. Answer here is that [b]Tyrus Thomas will be more of an impact player and will get more minutes. He will be fighting for boards with with Wallace but will grab plenty and will suprize you with his Blocks and Steals. That is a hell of a potential front court in Chicago. Tyrus Thomas makes my #2 bbecause of his upside down the road. Aldredge while tempting, isn't gonna break out this year I don't think but is almost the same type of player in a different situation.

3 Sheldon Williams
is absolutely worth a try if you need to fill a spot in a rookie keeper draft. I don't know if Joel Przy will allow him to start cuz he's so tuff, but Sheldon will see big minutes right away. The guy loved NCAA basketball. He played like 10 years and got better and better. Some games it seemed unfair when he was playing against some busted backcourts like the game last year vs. MD I think ?? he had like 10 blocks!! He will make an immediate impact on fantasy REB, FG%, FT% (if he keeps 'em under 10 FTA), BLKS and perhaps scoring down the road. The thing is, Atlanta has a tough time getting it over half court, let alone feeding the post. He's gonna have to fend for his own points. Most probably coming off rebs from a few of Joe Johnson's 20shots per game. Sheldon is # 3 because of his immediate impact. He coulda been #1 if he wasn't soooo old.

4 I watched a lot of Marcus Williams at UCONN. He was incredible but sometimes lazy. Apparently the camps thought so too because he fell and fell and fell almost all the way into the 2nd round. Anyway, as a back up to Kidd will only sharpen his game. And that fall in the draft was a wake up call to him because everyone's all over him now. I think that woke him up. Back ups to Kidd will get 20 minutes a game because Kidd is physically older than he really is. So Marcus williams makes my top 5. Soonest and Laterest he will be a solid NBA player. I think.

And Foy is 5 but not because of his impact this year - its because he could be an allstar in 3. I just don't see him shining on that Minn. team. Its always a PG/PF team and now Ricky Williams is running around and throwing rebounds to himself, so he will be slow to add. Overall, Foy may prove to be the best from this draft. The guy is a shooters shooting guard.

And I add a #6 in Rondo. Everyone hates on this guy. Rondo is a TRUE POINT GUARD. I know he needs a shot. Of course you need a shot in the NBA. But you know who had just as bad a shot coming in to the NBA. Yep, co-mvp Jason Kidd. And he sucks, right? I loved his game at Kentucky. He was a general on the floor full of horrible overrated players. He has the best ball handling and awareness of anyone in this draft. Best mind for the game. Doesn't D it up all that well man to man. He anticipates well in full court pressure however. I loved it when the C's drafted him way too early. Its what I woulda done.

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Aussie Dunker
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You ever herd of a cat by the name of Brandon Roy, cause yerr, he should be right at the top of this list,
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Roy - Will fill up the board. Is slotted in as the starting shooting guard with Webster at SF. Miles is out for a while. Will also play minutes at PG. I think he's a can't miss guy for now and the future.

Foye - Should make a nice tandem with James and is right up there with Roy. Has a nice all round game.

Morrison - Fills the Bobcats scoring needs. Don't expect too much outside of low percentage scoring(Couple of 3's +high % ft's). Will improve fg% over time.

Brewer - Giricek is his only competition for the SG spot. Sloan says they need an athlete on their team and he's impressed so far with his teamplay which bodes well for him, however as always with sloan he won't let his rookies get too far off the leash.

Shelden will be solid, but won't produce the same results as in college against big NBA bodies. His strength won't be an advantage and negates his potential. However if you're picking later and aren't a risk taker, he's the guy to pick.


3 Sheldon Williams
is absolutely worth a try if you need to fill a spot in a rookie keeper draft. I don't know if Joel Przy will allow him to start cuz he's so tuff, but Sheldon will see big minutes right away.

Joel doesn't play for Atlanta.

Marcus Williams will go low and you have to sit on him while he waits for Kidd to retire

Hilton Armstrong
Backing up Tyson "still got no idea what i'm doing" Chandler. He's going to get minutes and he likes to bang.

Aldridge won't crack 15 minutes this season. Even if Zach goes down for the year, I can't see him getting more than 20 mins a game. He's just too weak, also coming off a shoulder injury, not to mention he's a soft jumpshooter.

Not a bust, but won't produce for a couple of years, he'll be a good energy guy off the bench and that's about it in the recent future. He's a keeper

Wouldn't go near Rondo. Telfair and West are now and will always be better players.
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