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Default Poor Pacman...

Cincinnati police chief apologizes to Bengals' Adam Pacman Jones for cuffing, detaining him
Streicher: Officers made mistake .... 'Mr. Jones did absolutely nothing wrong'

Cincinnati Police chief Tom Streicher apologized to Bengals defensive back Adam Jones on Monday after a communication breakdown between officers resulted in Jones being handcuffed and detained near Great American Ball Park on Sunday.

“Quite honestly, there was a mistake on the part of the police department here,” Streicher said in a news conference on Monday. “I just want to be emphatic about this: Mr. Jones did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Jones’ agent, Thomas Hunter, said Monday night he had heard Streicher had reached out to Jones, but did not know if the two had talked. Hunter said earlier in the day that Jones was upset about the incident and that they were considering legal action.

Said Hunter: “He does want the truth to be known that he did absolutely nothing wrong. You take their civil liberties away from them by putting them in handcuffs when there is no legitimate reason.”

Jones was involved in a traffic incident near Great American Ballpark after the Bengals’ 24-21 loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday. There was a larger crowd than usual around the ballpark since the Reds were playing Philadelphia in an NL Division Series game a couple hours later.

Witnesses said Jones’ 2010 Jaguar swerved to avoid the car in front of his and jumped the curb onto the sidewalk. After Jones exited the car to give assistance to a pedestrian who fell trying to avoid the car, Jones was questioned by officers.

According to Streicher, Police Officer Amy Moore was directing traffic at Second and Main streets when she heard tires squealing behind her. She turned to find a 2010 Jaguar on the sidewalk and people scrambling away from the vehicle.

Police Officer Barbara Maleski asked Jones for ID. According to Hunter, Jones cooperated with police. Maleski’s account of the event described Jones as “immediately belligerent and combative,” but Streicher downplayed that.

“I would be upset if I were detained for 45 minutes and I haven’t done anything wrong,” Streicher said. “There’s no indication he resisted (officers). Was he upset? Probably. Let’s face it, the game yesterday probably had a lot of them frustrated.”

When Jones handed an officer his Georgia driver’s license, a staff member in the communications section misread the information that came up associated with his license number, telling the officer at the scene that Jones had an open warrant for his arrest. Officers Maleski and Travis Brown placed Jones in custody and sat him on the sidewalk in handcuffs.

Communications called back to the officers at the scene, telling them the warrant did not match Jones’ name. But officers said they did not hear the transmission because of the growing, noisy crowd and congested traffic.

“We’re assuming the crowd started to realize, ‘Hey this is Adam Jones of the Cincinnati Bengals,’” Streicher said. “People started coming out with cell phones and cameras and taking pictures.”

Immediately after the incident, photos of Jones being detained popped up all over the Internet and social media sites with many saying Jones was arrested, which was not the case.

Streicher said Jones and his passenger asked the officers if they could move away from the crowd, saying it was causing them embarrassment. The officers agreed and drove them two blocks up to Fourth Street.

When the officers sat down at the computer in the cruiser, they determined Jones did not have a warrant. He was released.

“There’s nothing here to indicate there’s any malice here in anyone’s heart,” Streicher said.

All officers and staff involved in this incident will be reminded to listen to their radios carefully, and if an officer does not respond to call him or her again and get confirmation that the information was received, Streicher said.

Streicher said he had spoken with coach Marvin Lewis and apologized. He also said someone in the department plans to speak to the entire team to explain what happened.

Jones signed a two-year contract with the Bengals in May after being out of football for two of the past three seasons after various run-in’s and arrests. He was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for the 2007 season after violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Since joining the Bengals, Jones has been an integral part of the defense and also contributing on special teams.

During his weekly news conference Lewis said that he had talked with Jones but also took to task the various reports about what took place.

“He’s disappointed that he would be put in that kind of light and that’s the end of the story,” Lewis said. “It’s unfortunate it occurred. There’s nothing to it so people that made a story out of it shame on them.”

Damn how can cops get so many things wrong? they cuff him even tho he didn't do anything but maybe act belligerent early on. they run his license that the dispatch screws up with saying there is a warrant when there wasn't. then they don't hear the dispatch call them back telling them there wasn't a warrant

all the while the area is packed for the MLB NL Divisional series so everyone is taking camera/phone pics of him handcuffed

never really thought i'd feel for this idiot, but having to go thru that after a heartbreaking loss to the Bucs where you had the game won has got to suck. poor Pacman

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Skip Bayless
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Default Re: Poor Pacman...

Deserves it anyway.
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Default Re: Poor Pacman...

Originally Posted by Skip Bayless
Deserves it anyway.

Ah man......

I thought the NFL forum was troll free?
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Default Re: Poor Pacman...

wow...I wonder what was going through his head

a lot of racist shit probably...
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