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Old 12-25-2006, 05:09 AM   #1
King Heno
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Default Livingston|Nash Stat Comparisons:

Ok, I'm tired of this 'dump Shaun, he's shown nothing so far' talk so I figured let's compare his first 3 years in the league stats to that of the best Point in the league today and a top 5 of all time.

First Year:

Nash: 3.3 Points | 2.1 Assists | 1.0 Rebounds | .3 Steals | 42.3% Field Goal | 41.8% 3pt | 82.4% FT | .97 Turnovers | 10.5 Minutes
Livingston: 7.4 Points | 5.0 Assists | 3.0 Rebounds | 1.1 Steals | .4 Blocks | 41.4% Field Goal | 74.6% FT | 2.5 Turnovers | 27.1 Minutes

More minutes, and better in every category except shooting.

Second Year:

Nash: 9.1 Points | 3.4 Assists | 2.1 Rebounds | .8 Steals | 45.9% Field Goal | 41.5% 3pt | 86% FT | 1.29 Turnovers | 21.9 Minutes

Livingston: 5.8 Points | 4.5 Assists | 3.0 Rebounds | .8 Steals | .5 Blocks | 42.7% Field Goal | 12.5% 3pt | 68.8% FT | 1.82 Turnovers | 25 Minutes

Less points, but more dimes and boards and a higher ast/to ratio.

Third Year:

Nash: 7.9 PPG | 5.5 Assists | 2.9 Rebounds | .9 Steals | 36.3% Field Goal | 37.4% 3pt | 82.6% FT | 2.08 Turnovers | 31.7 Minutes

Livingston: 9.5 Points | 5.3 Assists | 3.5 Rebounds | .6 Steals | .7 Blocks | 45.3% Field Goal | 36.4% 3pt | 71.9% FT | 2.08 Turnovers | 29.7 Minutes

More points, boards, blocks with slightly less dimes and steals in 2 minutes less per game.

Ok there are the stats, but am I trying to say Shaun will be better then Nashty? No damn way, but what I am trying to point out is that we should not give up on the kid. He has virtually been on par with how Nash's early career wise and look at how he turned out. Maybe what he needs is a change of scenary, be it a new team, or a new system/players/coach, but maybe that is what he needs. Now, am I saying he's untouchable? No way, did I want to trade him for AI? I was on the fence and would have been happy either way(no he wasn't a deal breaker). But yes don't give up on him.

Note: Again, I am not saying Livingston will equal Nash or surpass him, he might, he might not, I am not trying to say that he will, so if you think that and want to flame me for it, go ahead, but you are just making yourself look stupid.
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Old 12-25-2006, 09:26 AM   #2
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i dont see why you compared the twos early careers...steve nash was the 2nd and 3rd string point guard on good teams the first two years and played for a bad dallas team the 3rd year...the guy has a different career curve than most players

anyways yah i dont see why people are so down on the man he would be a junior in college if he went....hes still really young and was considered a major project when he came in the league
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Old 12-28-2006, 05:16 PM   #3
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clipps need a new coach, it's obvious the players are not listening to dunlevy at this point, seems there is way to much talent not being used properly... i think the big swing came last year in the playoffs against phoenix with some of his late game substitutions....
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Old 12-30-2006, 07:33 AM   #4
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not a bad comparision
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Old 12-30-2006, 12:52 PM   #5
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speaking of the Suns...

Banks for Livingston... would you do that? we'll help you groom Mr Livingston...
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