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Default Email I sent to David Borkoff at the Daily News.

It said in the article to email your thoughts about the Knicks and I did. Here is the article:

Here is what I wrote:

Hi, I am a moderator for a N.Y. Knick internet forum on Inside Hoops.

I'm a long time Knick fan going back to the mid 1960's and grew up in the East New York section of Brooklyn, I now reside on Staten Island.

I agree with everything you have said. Isiah came to the same conclusion Larry Brown and every other coach did. It was obvious to anybody who understood professional sports and basketball. Too many BIG contracts and too many BIG egos.

Thomas talked about a certain style of basketball in the preseason. He's sly, he knew it was a very basic fundamental style that all good coaches try to utilize. In the professional ranks only the really good teams can do it because it requires unselfish skilled play. It's basic and all he means is for the player with the ball to pass first and hit the open man or cutter, the offense starts there. If you want a basic idea of it watch the movie "Hoosiers." Of course there is a lot more to it but that's were it starts.

The Knicks had too many me first ball hogs. I have a saying"Free agents don't win, they fill in." This was a team of free agents and what I mean is they are concerned more with stats and how much money they could make. By fill-in I mean a player who comes to a team to fill a role or to fill out a roster. The core of a team has to be home grown talent through the draft or trading for a player early in his career as with Curry. That means the player has a connection to the team. His roots are with that team and he is loyal to that team, it's fans and the city.

Free agents don't have that, they are about the "I" and we all know there is no "I" in team. So if you need a certain type of player to fill a role or fill out a roster you go out and get a free agent. Never does this free agent bring you to the promised land unless his name is Shaq, he's the exception and there are a few, very few. Signing Chris Webber will send us backwards, it will retard the development of our big men. We don't need him or anybody right now unless the person's name is Duncan. Even then I would not trade a single young player on this team.

The Knicks have a core of talented young players who have the basic skills and understanding of the game lost to the 10 year veteran who only knows the bright lights, the loud cheers and the big money.

Curry has the ego and determination to become a big time player, time will tell if he does. Marbury finally woke up after 5 or more coaches told him the same thing and he got tried of losing. I guess he wondered why he's always on losing teams and looked in the mirror, it's a big adjustment and I give him credit for doing it. I see he is quietly becoming a team leader and should be named captain to solidify and acknowledge his transformation.

The rest of the team is filled out with young talented players and young veterans who are very coachable and love playing the game for the game itself. The Knicks have some great coaches and teachers on their staff to guide these young players.

I hope Zeke keeps the team as it is right now and doesn't lose patience. We don't need no stinkin' has been washed up ball hogs.

For the first time in a long time this team has a rotation, stability and young talent. The younger players have great chemistry with the veterans, it's a good mix. For the first time in a long time I am enjoying watching them play. I see great things from them now and in the future. For the first time in a long time they look like they are having fun playing and the scowl is gone on Marbury's face. Don't ruin this by getting Webber or any other aging veteran.

There are no real superstars on this team and I like it that way. You can win championships without superstars. It's called defense and if you stop the other team's superstar you can beat them. Isiah knows this, he played on the Piston teams that did it just that way.
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I>You. Get over it.
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Great letter, btw, youre the mod? I thought HTR was given the job.
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I'm one of them. He's the head our fearless leader.

I could zap you if you do something wrong..ooohhhhh.
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