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Default Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2008 for Wii

actually based somewhat on a tip from this board, we picked up this game tonight, my friend and I played for the same soccer team (US Men's Soccer Amateurs baaaby) and he's a huge EPL fan and we both have been big fans of EA's Fifa series for the last three systems, soccer really translates to gaming well.

my initial thoughts-

A. 39.99$ for a new game, not bad, 10 dollars cheaper than i expected

B. the most glaring fault (PLEASE CORRECT ME IF YOU HAVE THE GAME and I'm WRONG) is that there is no cooperative play, to me that's almost a deal breaker, i wouldn't have gotten it if i'd known, you can play against each other, but from our limited exploration and manual reading we couldn't find an available coop mode, this is an especially bad oversight for the Wii which is the system that's made for playing with friends

C. the offense is incredible, problems with every other soccer game i've ever played have been solved. through balls, specific player passing, telling the AI players where to make their runs is all now a reality, just simple logical soccer plays have become possible and "easy" to execute.
you can have the player with the ball start making a run and begin looking up or backfield and set runs and routes. I'm not expressing myself well but the ability to communicate your intentions to this soccer game are much easier and more realistic than any soccer game i've played previously

D. the defense is a little shakey, at times i would be more content with the standard fifa style defense, just let me switch guys and i'll make the play on the ball, they attempt a similar use of the wii's tech on defense and it doesn't work as well, it ends up being frustrating not being able to cycle through defenders to make plays but rather relying on the computer to switch you over based on where the attacking offensive player is on the field. before i get too far ahead here, let me just say we bought the game tonight and i've played only a few games so it's possible i just haven't figured it out yet, i'm more of a trial-and-error player than a manual-reader so i could be way off base here

E. I thought the graphics for Mario Galaxy for Wii were amazing, i like the big cartoony sh*t, but the graphics for Bully and this game are sort of weak, i understand that the Wii isn't the graphical experience that PS3 and 360 are supposed to be, but the graphics for a lot of these games are outright behind, looks a lot like ps2 and xbox graphics, kind of a letdown to get the new system and hook it up to the fancy hd tv and not see something new.

anyways, that's a lot of criticism for a game that i thought after about two hours was probably the best ONE Player soccer game i've played. it really is a much better feeling soccer game than anything previous, if the lack of coop play doesn't bother you and you're looking for a really fun soccer game, this is probably for you. they don't have all the player and team rights either, so if you're a big stickler for statistical simulation, this may not be your thing (ie- manchester united is called "man red" and manchester city is called "man blue"... didn't notice too many missing players but i'm not a huge soccer head but i think there's a few guys whose names are exclusive to other games)
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