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Post Offseason training

Here is what I think every Bulls player needs to work on this offseason:

Tyrus Thomas - work on a hook shot, eat, and continue improving the 15-18 foot jumper. With his hops, a hook shot would be almost unblockable. He needs to bulk up a bit to be able to guard bigger 4s. There is no way he can become a 3 in the NBA. Also, he needs to get in better defensive position so he doesn't pick up the cheap fouls so much. Maybe work on boxing out too, because he doesn't get a ton of rebounds for a big man.

Joakim Noah - needs to get better at going up strong in the paint and not getting blocked. He impressed everyone this season, but his weakest area is putbacks and easy shots. His jumper is better than people give him credit for, so there isn't much need to work on that.

Aaron Gray - lose a little weight to become quicker, work on post defense, and get in better condition. His offense has been great, but he can improve defensively. I would love to see him play 25-30 minutes/game next season.

Drew Gooden - he needs to work on his post defense, because he is only adequate, but deserves starters minutes because of his offensive prowess. If he can give above-average defense on someone like Duncan or Amare, leaving TT to roam for blocks, that would help a lot.

Cedric Simmons - I haven't seen him play much, but I'm sure he could use some help with his post offense.

Andres Nocioni - work on anything other than his 3-point shot. He depends on it way too much, took the same amount of 3s as Gordon did this year, but hit 5% less (36% to Gordon's 41%). Work on driving to the lane, and watch some tape from the 90's when people didn't complain over every little thing.

Luol Deng (I'm assuming he stays) - same thing as Noc, work on driving to the lane and finishing in traffic at the basket. I can live without him having a 3-point shot, but when all he does is shoot mid-range jumpers, that shouldn't be his game.

Thabo Sefolosha - needs to work on that jumpshot. He is already a very good defender, and could/should be our starting PG, but he needs to be able to hit the open shot to keep defenders honest. He had some very dry spells this year, and needs to avoid those to take the next step.

Larry Hughes - get back to being the defensive force he was with the Wizards. That was not too long ago, but he was just OK after the trade. If he is going to continue to shoot 37% from the field, he needs to be able to contribute in other facets of the game.

Kirk Hinrich - work on alley-oops and pick-and-rolls with all the big men. The pick and roll can be so effective, but we do not run it well at all. I'm not sure if this is Kirk's fault or the big men, but it needs to improve so we have something to go to in a half court set other than a Gordon iso.

Ben Gordon (if he comes back) - learn his role on the team. He is a shooter. Not a scorer, not a playmaker, not someone that should have the ball in his hands all the time. Just a shooter. Let someone else bring the ball up, and try your hardest to get open for a shot. If he does manage to get in the lane, learn to finish or draw a foul instead of getting the shot blocked.

Duhon, Nichols, Curry, and Brown will either be gone or have minimal roles on the team next year, so I don't know what they can improve that will help us out.
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Default Re: Offseason training

Here's my list.....
Thomas-Body building and gain some weight.

Noah-Body biuilding and gain some weight.

Gooden-Continue to improve his rebounding. He's already a killer on the glass, may as well be a beast.

Gray-Treadmill, Jogging, jump & jacks, 8 count body builders.

Deng-Ball handling, slashing, and work on that turn around fade away. I thought he was pretty good at that last season.

Thabo-Improve his midrange game.

Hinrich-Needs to get mental help.

Everyone else may not be on the team next year, so I'm not gone even bother.
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Default Re: Offseason training

It's all about Sefolosha, Thomas, Noah. We need those three to all add weight for starters.

Thabo needs to get his mid-range and 3 pt jumper on point. He can go to the whole, but his handles can get better. I like how he fits in on this team. He doesn't need to dominate the ball offensively to be effective. With more muscle on his frame and a little more quickness he can be a pretty damn good defender especially if he is guarding opposing SG's who are 2-5 inches shorter, plus Thabo's long arms. If Thabo somehow works his way to starting SG for the Bulls, and played starter's minutes, I envison that 15/6/4, plus a steal per game. But playing time for all the guards is still very uncertain. Thabo has confidence in his game now and 09' should and could be a bust out year for him, especially if BG gets traded.

Tyrus definitely needs to add more weight and more muscle. If he can hit 40-50% on his mid range jumpshots, he can really then open up going strong to the whole. He isn't a disciplined guy yet, he is still very much figuring his game out. His handles have gotten better since his rookie season, but Tyrus obviously gets too crazy trying to dribble sometimes. I would sure hope the Bulls can finally utilize the fact that Tyrus jumps out of the gym and he needs to be throwing down a ton more OOPS. I have such high hopes for him, his athleticism makes me a believer he can be a super effective ball player. He also needs to study tapes and watch his stupid fouls, and learn from them. I am getting sick of getting excited to watch Tyrus play only for him to go to the bench in the first 3 or 4 minutes because he already has 2 fouls. Needless to say, 09' is his biggest year in terms of his future with the Chicago Bulls.

Joakim is the man. He too needs more strength and weight but he doesn't need as much as most would think. I don't ever see Joakim getting too much bigger weight wise but his pure will and hustle goes a long way, and there's no under estimating it. I love this dude because he sincerely (expletive) HATES to lose. Basketball is his heart and losing is no joke. He is a very outloud type of guy with crazy personality, but when it comes down to it, he wants to be a beast and a champion. Thank God Wallace is gone and Noah has the chance to be the starting center from the very get go of 09'. Doubles will be a regularity with Joakim next year, he won't have high point totals but none the less double doubles.

Noah's averages over last 14 games
11.3 ppg
7.5 rpg
1.2 spg
2.0 bpg

In only 7 of the last 14 did Joakim play 30 or more minutes, and once played 40 minutes. If this guy get more minutes, he will produce. I am looking for him to just be solid for a long time to come. Tyrus can really help free up Joakim to be better on both sides of the ball. Noah will continue to grind it out on the court and will be a leader the team needs. I hope to one day see him do his crazy dances in celebration of a 7th chi-town championship.
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