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Old 08-24-2006, 11:36 AM   #1
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Default what Sensible trade needs to happen for us to get over that first round hump?

hey my fellow sacramento fans..... i dnt really like our current roster right now i mean its ok because there werent much changes and the chemistry is still there the guys finally know how to play with each other but i think we still need that some sort of a mind booster trade that could make us a better team.... heres my Sensible trade that should be recognised and would/will help the team...... ronie price and potepanko(expiring contract) for melvin ely??? cuz we got douby........ or i feel as of ya have to sacrafice somthings if u want to be contenders sooooo.....sign bonzi for one year (forget bout the tax maloofs cheap skates) and trade bonzi for sumthing very valuble and that could make us instant contenders and a championship caliber team

post yours and tell me what u think bout mine kings for life
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Old 08-24-2006, 08:15 PM   #2
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You don't win a championship by trading away a bunch of players and then overloading on talent (the knicks approach), the players need to grow together as a group. This current group is beginning to gel, but their are odd players out like kenny thomas, hart, potapenko, and williamson. Im betting some of these guys will be involved in a significant trade at somepoint during the season, because at trade deadline time some talented player is bound to be available.

Kenny thomas makes 7 mill
Corliss makes 6.5mil
Potopenko makes 3.6mil
Hart makes 1.7 mill

hart, potopenko, and corliss all are expiring this year so thats almost 12 mill in expiring contracts thrown in thomas and we can afford to trade for a player or players for about 19 million (in relation to that, garnett makes 21 mill). Thats two mill more= garcia's salary. Im not saying the Kings will land garnett. But they have expiring contracts and a good big man (Thomas) two very attractive peices for teams looking to rebuild or get rid of a big star. I'm thinking, as usual, the Kings front office is going to whip out a monster blockbuster out of thin air and truly establish them selves.

BTW: Would Bonzi start if he signed with the Kings?

And one last thing, do you guys know how rep works,because I think us Kings fans should atleast give some for good posts, you know? hint hint lol
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Old 08-26-2006, 04:44 AM   #3
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I dunno honestly. There are a few guys out there who could help us, but they are risky too. Then again Petrie could be prayin for KG to demand out but that's not a sure thing either. I think we could use someone like Kenyon Martin who brings toughness, athleticism, shotblocking, and defense but he could be a risk and he has a big salary(then again, you're sending out equal salary anyway).

Earlier in the year I was hoping we'd be able to grab someone like Nene/Wilcox but those options have dried up while Petrie tried to re-sign that self serving bastard Bonzi. Who knows anymore, all of GP's moves seem to be completely surprising and out of left field even when you think you've analyzed all the potential options. Hopefully he has a nice surprise waiting for us in a couple of weeks.
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Old 08-26-2006, 12:11 PM   #4
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The Kings are in an interesting situation. They have the talent to go into the playoffs as a legit team. Yet they need that extra solid player to meet the other top teams in the West. They do have pieces that they can trade and must decide to either give up a lot and have a short bench to get an all star. The second option is to build with getting more role players and more young players and set themselves up for the future. Its hard to do both but I think Mr.Petrie knows what to do.
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Old 08-26-2006, 08:36 PM   #5
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By the time KG demades a trade your problem will be gone ... how?? well here's how i see it...all you got to do is do poorly this season but keep your team together..i know it sounds tough but..(the knicks approch). if you manage to keep that 1st round draft pick..and get lucky and draft a future allstar rookie..then maybe you will keep him and do well...or trade him away and get a star that can produce right away...and regreat it later on when that trade haunts you
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Old 09-01-2006, 10:32 AM   #6
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Look to the future--Next year's draft is predicted to be rich in quality and quanity. And it looks like there will be a few "bigs" available in free agency. Don't expect to get over the first round hump this year. I'm sure Petrie is keeping a close eye on the the budget, the luxury tax threshold, and creating salary cap room for future acquisitions
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