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EBC Streetball Rucker park is the top source for EBC Rucker Park streetball info and exclusive features that you won't find elsewhere. is at Rucker Park and bringing you exclusive Entertainer's Basketball Classic streetball news, interviews and recaps.

April 7, 2008: editor Jeff Lenchiner reports that the 2008 EBC at Rucker Park season will kick off on June 16.

By, May 5, 2007

The fans spoke, and the EBC heard them. After numerous requests from ballplayers the world over, announces that the EBC, the famous league at Rucker Park, have decided to bring true fan representation to the court itself. The Entertainer’s Basketball Classic are proud to announce the EBC Dream Team. The team is to be composed entirely of fans of the playing in the league for the first time. Beware, they are not the most famous competitive summer league for nothing; only the most talented will be chosen. Tryouts will be held Monday May 21, 2007 from 6 to 9 pm, at the Kennedy Center, 34 West 135th Street, between Lenox and 5th Avenues, New York, NY. For directions, please call (212) 862-6401. For more information, please call (212) 862-2323. Come out, bring your game and become a part of the legend.

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June 20, 2006: The 2006 EBC at Rucker Park season began Monday night, and naturally, was in the house. It was a hot start. The park wasn't overflowing, but it was mostly full. In the first game, Joakim Noah (Florida Gators), Dahntay Jones (Memphis Grizzlies) and Talik Brown (former UConn) were on the floor. Jones didn't fare too well, mostly using his athletic ability to try to force the action inside but missing plenty of shots. Brown was actually terrible, and repeatedly clowned by the live announcers, who all game announced that Talik has no jump-shot. Noah on several plays showed his ball-handing ability, having fun on one play by dribbling against pressure in the backcourt, without turning over the rock. But the true star was a player nicknamed "Africa," who unleashed some amazing dunks. On one play he missed a 360, but the actual attempt was awesome enough to bring fans to their feet. main man High Octane was also on the floor. And another main man, Alimoe (aka Black Widow) was there, to watch. Both Alimoe and High Octane told that they aren't with AND1 right now. In the second game, yet another main man White Chocolate took the floor. And although he's awesome, it was getting late and we took off. We'll be sure to catch him next time. Also appearing on EBC opening night was DMC (from Run DMC). had heard that Chris Paul was supposed to play, but unless he showed up really late in the evening, CP3 didn't make it. Also, rapper DMX was supposed to show up -- but, same deal as with CP3.


Men's Schedule (The Main EBC League):

Week 1: June 19-22
Week 2: June 26-29
Week 3: July 3, 5,6
Week 4: July 10-13
Week 5: July 17-20
Week 6: July 24-27
Week 7: July 31- August 3
Week 8: August 7, 8, 10
Playoffs: August 14-17

That's for the main EBC.

There is also EBC America, which involves day or weekend-long mini-tournaments in other cities, with the winners from each city coming to Rucker Park for a week-long EBC America Playoffs. But we don't know if EBC America, which has gone on for just a few summers, will continue or not this summer.

The EBC Women's schedule is also eight weeks long, with the playoffs in the ninth week.




In a thrilling, double-overtime battle, Black Wall Street beat D-Band for the 2005 EBC streetball championship. was in the house, and late Sunday night we'll post the longest game recap you'll find anywhere on the web.

These are quick recaps of previous playoff days.

The EBC America playoffs begin Monday, and will post daily game recaps.

Monday, August 15:

In an amazing, double-overtime thriller, Black Wall Street (ranked #1 in their division) beat Certified (ranked #4) 104-101. In the win, Rasaun Young had 34 points, James "Speedy" Williams had 19 points, and Corey Underwood had 8 points, 7 assists. In the loss, Chudney "Lights Out" Gray had 28 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, Joe Forte had 25 points and 3 assists, and Jamel "Stretch" Coachmen had 15 points and 8 rebounds. For Black Wall Street, Speedy Williams' shooting was clutch when it mattered most.

In the night's other matchup, Full Surface/Ruff Ryders (ranked #4 in their division) beat Don Diva (ranked #1) 80-53. After an incredible season, Don Diva just didn't come to play today. In the win for FS/RR, Kenny "West Nile" Satterfield had 29 points, Kevin "Ring My" Bell had 15, Ty Grant had 13, and Jerry McCullough had 10. In the loss, Corey "Homocide" Williams had 17 points, Larry "Bone Collector" Williams had 14, and Brian "Finisher" Oumar had 11 with 4 rebounds. It was an off-day for favorites Homocide and Bone Collector, and none of their teammates stepped up at all.

Tuesday, August 16:

In the second day of first round EBC Rucker streetball playoff action, D-Band (ranked #2 in their division) beat Pearl Harbor (ranked #3) 79-69. In the win, Adrian "Hollywood A" Walton (aka Whole Lotta Game, aka A Butter) had 23 points and 3 assists, Joakim "Sunrise" Noah had 18 points and 11 huge rebounds, Antawn "Antifreeze" Dobie had 11 points and 4 assists, and Curtis "Hardest Worker" Stinson had 12 points and 3 rebounds. In the loss, Corey "Young Bandit" Fisher had 21 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists, Larry Jones had 15 points and 5 rebounds, and Sheiku "Sickle" Kabba had 15 points. D-Band just had a bit too much star power and all-around contribution to handle.

In the night's second battle, defending champion Terror Squad (ranked #3 in their division) beat Rich Soil Monstars (ranked #2) 71-60. Terror Squad has a few players gone from last year's team (the Beast is the biggest subtraction), but still considers them very strong. In the win, Kareem "Big Game" Reid lived up to expectation and unleashed 33 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists. Also in the win, Gordy Malone had 16 points and 8 rebounds, and Darren "DP" Phillips had 11 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists.

Wednesday, August 17:

In the EBC streetball final four, Black Wall Street faced Terror Squad, and D-Band faced Full Surface/Ruff Ryders. shares what went down:

In the night's first battle, D-Band (#2) beat Full Surface/Ruff Ryders (#4) 78-68. In the win, Adrian "Whole Lotta Game" Walton had 22 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and a whole buncha big dunks that put a real exclamation mark on the win. Also in the win, Curtis Stinson had 19 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Joakim Noah had 19 points and 8 big rebounds, and Antawn Dobie had 9 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. In the loss, Kenny Satterfield had 24 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists, John "Franchise" Strickland had 15 points and a quiet 4 rebounds, Kevin Bell had 11 points, and Phil Grant had 10. D-Band had too much talent across the board. In the win, Danny Green had a few nice plays as well. After this performance, feels that D-Band is the favorite to win the championship.

In the second game, Black Wall Street (ranked #1) beat defending champion Terror Squad 72-71. The depth and overall contributions from the entire Black Wall Street team is what took Terror Squad out. In the win, Junie "GE" Sanders had 17 points, main man Abdul Mills had 16, James "Stix" Williams had 13, James "Speedy" Williams had 9 points with 5 rebounds, and Shawn Simpson had 8 with 7 big rebounds. In the loss, Kareem Reid had 24 points and 4 assists, Darren Phillips had 21 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists, but barely anyone else on Terror Square stepped up when it mattered most. Reggie Freeman, Richie Parker, Gordy Malone and Anthony Glover combined for 24 points and 10 rebounds. That's not enough. Fat Joe's streetball team goes down. will recap the 2005 EBC Rucker championship late Friday night.


Monday, August 15th
6:00 PM (1) Black Wall Street vs. (4) Certified
7:30 PM (1) Don Diva vs. (4) Full Surface/Ruff Ryders

Tuesday, August 16th
4:30 PM BOYS Championship
6:00 PM (2) H3/DBand vs. (3) Pearl Harbor
7:30 PM (2) Terror Squad vs. (3) Rich Soil Monstars

Wednesday, August 17th
4:30 PM WOMEN Championship
6:00 PM MEN Division A, Semifinals
7:30 PM MEN Division B, Semifinals

Thursday, August 18th
7:00 PM MEN Championship

Division A:
Rich Soil Monsters (5-1)
Terror Squad (5-2)
Black Wall Street (4-1)
Certified (3-2)
Dezart Heat (2-3)
J Records (2-5)
So So Def (2-4)
Division B:
Don Diva (5-2)
Full Surface/ Ruff Ryders (4-3)
DBands (3-2)
Kennedy Center (3-3)
Pearl Harbor (3-3)
BMF (3-3)
White Chocolate (2-3)
OMAVI (1-5)


Kareem “Big Game Reid” Reid (18 points, 3 rebounds, 7 assists) and Kashif Hameed (11 points, 6 rebounds) helped Terror Squad beat Electrolite. Glenn “G-Money” Stokes (22 points, 4 assists) and Omar Weaver (17 points, 5 rebounds) stepped up in the loss... John “Franchise” Strickland (25 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, JR “Prodigy” Smith (24 points, 4 rebounds) and Dahntay Jones (20 points, 5 assists) carried Full Surface/Ruff Ryders to a win over Don Diva. Corey “Homicide” Williams (36 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists) and Larry “Bone Collector” Williams (32 points, 2 assists) were unguardable in the loss... Trevor Ariza (23 points, 7 rebounds), Gilbert Arenas (14 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists) and The Game (12 points, 2 assists) helped Black Wall Street beat So So Def. Peter Mulligan (23 points), Jermaine “Maniac” Wright (16 points, 8 rebounds) and Johnathan Banks (13 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists) stepped up in the loss... Corey “Young Bandit” Fisher (13 points), Sheiku Kabba (13 points) and Jabou “Red” Cotton (12 points, 4 rebounds) helped Pearl Harbor beat D-Bands. Adrian “A. Butta” Walton (18 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists) was practically alone out there in the loss... Darryl “Showtime” Hill (22 points) and Raheem “Wire” West (13 points) were nice as Rich Soil Monstars beat Dezert Heat. Hakeem Ace (17) points put up buckets in the loss... Rob Thomas (28 points, 11 rebounds) and Roscoe "The Defender" Biggers (14 points, 10 assists) played great as Kennedy Center beat White Chocolate (the team). Randy “White Chocolate” Gill (28 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists) and Frank McQueen (18 points, 5 rebounds) were nice in the loss... GENERAL SUMMER RUCKER EBC STREETBALL SCHEDULE
Week One: June 20-23
Week Two: June 27-30
Week Three: July 5-7
Week Four: July 11-14
Week Five: July 18-21
Week Six: July 25-29
Week Seven: August 1-4
Week Eight: August 8-11 Playoffs
Week Nine: August 15-18 Championship Week

Use links on left for more specific schedules.



August 12, 2004: met with rapper Fat Joe, who owns the Terror Squad EBC team at Rucker Park, to talk about basketball and the latest with him. Check it out.


Monday: With superstars such as Lloyd Banks, Beanie Siegel and editor Jeff Lenchiner in the park, Monday featured one upset and one expected victory. In the first game of the night, Andre Barrett and Ruff Ryders were too much for Charles Jones and Shady Records. It was a tie game (70-70) with under ten seconds left when Barrett, guarded by Jones, drove down the middle (slightly from the left side of the top of the key), took it inside slightly from the left side of the paint and hit a twisting reverse layup from the right. Shady Records with just a few seconds left fired a half-court airball to end it. In between games, a dunk contest was won by Skywalker (more details later). approves of his victory. In one dunk he lined up five people and launched himself over them. In the second game of the night, Terror Squad beat Universal/SRC. Terror Squad is without Stephon Marbury (Olympics preparation) and John Strickland (overseas maybe?) but still had Kareem Reid, Zach Marbury, William "Beast" McFarlan and the Ponytail Gangsta. Reid did a lot of missing in the first half, but Beast and Ponytail were there to clean up the mess. Reid also hit those two with tons of great passes, leading to dunks. Terror Squad was just too big and aggressive to handle.

EBC RUCKER PARK PLAYOFFS PREVIEW previews the 2004 Entertainer's Basketball Classic Playoffs. Hey streetball sites, credit instead of just stealing like you usually do.

Shady Records (7-0) vs Ruff Ryders (4-3). In Shady's most recent game, Larry “Bread & Butter” Jones, Jason McLeish and Shannell “Sha” Mack stepped up. As for Ruff Ryder, Andre "The One" Barrett is the team's weekly star, Kenny Satterfield has been known to sometimes play for the squad, Tyrone “Black Widow” Evans sometimes plays, , and Jamar “Pharmacist” Davis puts on a show while helping the team. And don't forget Phil Grant.

Terror Squad (6-1) vs Universal/SRC (4-3). Terror Squad are the current EBC champions, as we assume you read's recap of the final "game" last season (heh). Stephon Marbury usually plays for Terror Squad when they need him to, plus Zach Marbury, Kareem "Best Kept Secret" Reid, William "Beast" McFarlan and Richie Parker make them a fearsome unit. As for Universal/SRC, you need to watch out for Jameel Haywood, Laron “Mapp” Mapp, Bobby Mahoney and Andrew Adeleke.

Definition (5-2) vs RBK/Diva Mag (5-2). Definition is led by Antwan "Antifreeze" Dobie, who has torn it up all summer, plus Danny "The Brain" Artest, Curtis Stinson and Anthony Glover. Also, Godd Shammgod might bell for Definition, and watch for Anthony "Africa" Pimple RBK/Diva Mag is led by main man Larry "Bone Collector" Williams, Corey “Homicide” Williams and Christopher “Skywalker” Lowery.

Family Tree (6-1) vs Tommy Hilfiger (5-2). Family Tree has the sick backcourt of Junie “GE” Sanders and James “Speedy” Williams, plus Mike Campbell and John “Mookie” Thomas help this squad win. Tommy Hilfiger is led by main men Reggie "Hi-Five" Freeman, Peter Mulligan and Gavin Grant, plus Boakai Lalugba, Carl "Ole' Black Magic" Krauser and Jermaine "Maniac" Wright. __________________________________________________________


June 21:

DEFINITION 86, RUFF RYDERS 83 (2OT) - Antwan "Antifreeze" Dobie unleashed a sick show, scoring 41. Anthony Glover added 21. For Ruff Ryders, Rasul Shahuddin put up 29, while Phil Grant scored 20 and John "High Octane" Harvey added 17.

TERROR SQUAD 66, FAMILY TREE 55 - Terror Squad, the defending EBC champions (they won by default over S.Carter, who literally failed to show up to the 2003 championship game that did not get played - and yes, was in the building... err, park) was loaded to open the season, with Stephon Marbury, Zach Marbury, Kareem "Best Kept Secret" Reid, Omar Cook, John Strickland, Gordy Malone, Richie Parker and William "Beast" McFarlan. Terror Squad won with a total team effort - 16 from Gordy Malone, 13 from Best Kept Secret, 10 from Beast and 10 from Darren "DP" Phillips. For Family Tree, Rasaun Young scored 18, and James "Speedy" Williams and Junie "GE" Sanders each scored 11.

JUNE 22:

SHADY RECORDS/G-UNIT 64, REEBOK 45 - Total team effort for Shady Records. Quentin "T2" Hosley scored 11, Garnett Thompson also had 11, Vincent Whitt put up 9. Half Man Half Amazing scored 7. For Reebok, Larry "Bone Collector" Williams, an favorite (well, tons of these players are favorites, but Bone Collector is one of our tops) scored 15. David "Enigma" Sills added 8.

TOMMY HILFIGER/POSSE 98, SOURCE MAGAZINE 79 - Carl "Black Magic" Krauser scored 21 and did his point guard thing. Reggie "Hi-Five" Freeman (a known reader) had 12. Peter Mulligan also put up 12. Jermaine "Maniac" Wright added 8, and almost everyone else on TH/Posse had a nice game. For Source Magazine, Rasheim Wright scored 21, Byron Mouton 18, Jerome "Junkyard Dog" Williams 14, but there just wasn't enough firepower to match the awesome offensive output of TH/Posse.

June 23:

ROONEY ENT. 79, MBK 78 (OT) - Darryl "Showtime" Hill scored 23, Kenny Adeleke 16 and Rashid "Got Milk" Byrd had 12. For MBK, Andre Sweet unleashed the pain with 26, and although Damien "Cross Country" Daniels had 10 and Roscoe "The Defender" Biggers 11, it wasn't enough. Joe Forte also played for MBK, putting up 10.

UNIVERSAL 90, BMF ENTERTAINMENT 66 - Donald "Spider" Harrison put up 23. He help from the entire Universal team. Total team effort. For BMF, Troy Pierson scored 19, Kaheem Draper had 11, and Eugene Lawrence added 10.

June 24:

WWE 85, TEAM WALKER 60 - Steve Burtt Jr. scored 25 and had plenty of help. John Quintona and Ramel Allen each had 15, and Aaron "Ponytail Gangsta" Lesane added 14. For Team Walker, Amin "Boogiemaster" Wright racked up 25 points, but none of his teammates reached double figures.

JAGORE ENTERTAINMENT 67, TWIN FACES 50 - Rucker Park legend Molloy "Future" Nesmith scored 16, Preston Murphy 14, and Narada "Bo" Watt had 13. No one on Twin Faces reached double digits in points. That's a loss.


June 28:

TERROR SQUAD 72, UNIVERSAL 59 - No Stephon Marbury this time. But brother Zach Marbury made like Steph and impressed by scoring 16 and showing range, Kareem "Best Kept Secret" Reid had 14, Gordy Malone 10, Nakiea "Faboulous" Miller 10 and William "Beast" McFarlan also 10. For Universal, Abdullah McPherson scored 12, but none of his teammates reached double figures.

REEBOK (RBK) 90, MBK 78 (OT) - Larry "Bone Collector" Williams unleashed the pain, breaking ankles and putting up 29. Corey "Homicide" Williams was nice with 20. Marvin Gay added 12. For MBK, Robert Thomas scored 15 and Joe Forte (who didn't get the ball enough) had 13.

June 29:

SHADY RECORDS/G-UNIT 83, ROONEY ENT. 61 - Too easy. Garnett Thompson scored 21 points, Shannell Mack 14 and Quentin "T2" Hosley 14. Also playing on the winning team was Anthony "Half Man Half Amazing" Heyward, Charles Jones and David "Webb" Webster. For the losing team, Kenny Adeleke scored 12 and Lance Stevenson had 10. Darryl "Showtime" Hill was quiet with 7.

BMF ENTERTAINMENT 76, TWIN FACES 49 - Too easy. Karon Clark scored 21 points, Gary Ervin had 18, Eugene Lawrence put up 11 and Vernon Goodridge added 10. For the losing team, Johnson Walker put up 12 and Sam Sutton had 10.

June 30:

RUFF RYDERS 87, TEAM WALKER 81 - This was a nice battle. For the winners, Rasul Shahuddin scored 23 points, and special NBA guest Ronald "Flip" Murray put up 15, recently undrafted but still valuable Andre "The One" Barrett added 14, and Phil Grant rang up 11. For the losing team, Amin "Boogiemaster" Wright scored 20, Babar Curry had 16, Ike Williams put up 15, and Dwayne Lee, Marcus Williams and Henry Rivers also reached double digits. Ruff Ryders role players made the difference.

July 1:

TOMMY HILFIGER/POSSE 91, JAGORE ENT. 74 - It was like Valentine's Day at Rucker, as Tyshawn Valentine put up 22, Arturo Dubois had 21, Jermaine "Maniac" Wright rang up 16 and Reggie "Hi-Five" Freeman added 12. For the losing team, Randy "White Chocolate" Gill scored 25 and Molloy "Future" Nesmith 23. But they didn't get enough help.

DEFINITION 90, WWE 79 - It was cold again at Rucker Park, so Definition unleashed Antifreeze. Antwan "Antifreeze" Dobie, who is tearing it up this summer, scored 24, and Anthony "Africa" Pimple and Anthony Glover each scored 17. Ron Artest and brother Danny were also contributors in the win. For the losing team, Steve Burtt Jr. racked up 28 and Ramel Allen 21, but Aaron "Ponytail Gangsta" Lesane was one of the only guys to step up. Not enough help.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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One of the most well known coaches in the EBC at Rucker Park, Mousey has enjoyed his share of success. met with him to discuss streetball. Sept 7, 2003

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August 11, 2003: EBC Rucker Park Playoffs: The EBC playoffs begin tonight at Rucker Park. Games start around 6pm or so. To get in, you probably need to get there at least 90 minutes in advance. gets in via private helicopter service, so we're all set.

August 1, 2003: Richard Jefferson, Kenyon Martin and other stars play streetball game in the EBC at Rucker Park
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Some 2002 features that we saved:

- Kobe Bryant played streetball at Rucker Park's EBC - read about it.

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