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nba basketball news rumors

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Ricky Torres Interview




| July 23, 2005

Ricky Torres is a shooting guard from New York City. He went to St. Raymond's for high school and will be a freshman at St. John's University in the 2005-06 college basketball season. met recently met with Torres for a quick exclusive interview. How'd you wind up picking St. John's?

Rickey Torres: I had three choices, my last three choices were St. John's, Pittsburgh and Louisville, and I did a real history on all three schools, see who was there, freshman going in, my chances of playing and stuff like that, and I picked St. John's over those two schools because I'd have the right people surrounding me, and I think I have the best chance of playing right away. That was my main concern, playing right away. Also I want to stay next to my little brother, who has Down's Syndrome. So I want to stay next to him and my family. So, it was the right choice for me. I like the coaching staff, and the team is real good. We're going to be up-and-coming. Give it a couple years and St. John's will be back where they used to be. Yeah, St. John's has been down lately, and you'll be one of the main guys pulling them back up.

Rickey Torres: Yeah, I was the first one to commit to St. John's under Norm Roberts. Coach Roberts and Coach Martin. Coach Martin, he actually graduated from St. Raymond's, and he was a big part of my decision. Who do you know on the team already? Daryll Hill, for one.

Rickey Torres: Yeah, I know Daryll, Eugene Lawrence, and Jermaine Maybank. I know a couple of guys. Finally, if you have a message for college basketball fans about the Red Storm, send it out there.

Rickey Torres: I feel that over the next two years, St. John's will be back on the map. Our coaching staff is working really hard, all the New York City kids, and I give it two years and we'll be back on the map. We'll have New York City bumpin' for us.

nba basketball news rumors

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