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Run, Hawks, run

Atlanta is visiting Boston and it’s just the first quarter but what strikes me is how often the Hawks try to run.

Every fast break opportunity, they run. In the half-court they look questionable, though they’re cutting more than last season and hitting those cutters with passes, creating some easy baskets.

When running, they look decent. Fast breaking lets them take advantage of the great athletic ability Josh Smith, Marvin Williams and other young Hawks possess. If they do it as often as possible they’ll be fun to watch and could pull off some wins here and there.

Raptors change starting lineup

Toronto started the season positively, beating the 76ers and then destroying the Nets, but have since dropped three straight games, losing to the Celtics, Bucks and Orlando.

Now, a minor change is being made. The Toronto Star reports:

Yesterday’s move to replace Andrea Bargnani with Rasho Nesterovic in the team’s starting lineup – beginning tonight in Philadelphia – will give Toronto a look much like the one that led it to 47 wins a season ago.

Mitchell went to great lengths to explain it’s not an indictment of Bargnani but rather a chance for him to be better.

“It is not a reflection on how he has played,” Mitchell said of Bargnani, the second-year 7-footer who was given the starting centre’s job on the opening day of training camp. “It’s just … trying to get the most out of all our guys.

Toronto’s defense has been awful so far. Their opponents are shooting 47.8% from the field. They’re also being badly out-rebounded and slightly out-assisted.

Dallas edged Golden State 120-115, but the great play of Warriors point guard Baron Davis is worth noting.

Shooting 14-of-26, including 3-of-6 three-pointers, B-Diddy finished with 37 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

Despite their good fight, the Warriors are still winless in the short NBA season with an 0-5 record.

Chicago beat Detroit 97-93 but the huge game Rasheed Wallace put up is worth noting.

Shooting 12-of-24, including three 3-pointers, plus 9-of-11 free throws, Rasheed finished with 36 points and 9 rebounds.

The AP reports: “No one could stop Wallace’s assortment of shots — post-ups on the inside, 3-pointers from the perimeter — although he missed two key shots in the final minute. “Regardless of my game, it ended in an `L,”‘ Wallace said. “I’m old school so it didn’t matter what I did, the team lost the game.”

Magic Johnson, speaking on TNT, said that Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks should consider punching the Warriors in the face. The Contra Costa Times reports:

Johnson was taping a promotional spot for TNT’s broadcast of Thursday night’s game when he told colleagues Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley what he had in mind for Nowitzki.

“If I’m Dallas, I gotta start a fight,” Magic Johnson said. “No, I’m serious. If I’m Dallas, Dirk has gotta go swing on somebody. Send a message. You know why? Golden State, as we say on the street, punked them. … This game, if I’m Dirk, I will walk up and just smack somebody.”

Don Nelson, who always tells it like it is and serves up the best quotes in the history of coaches, said this to the paper:

“I love Magic Johnson,” Nelson said, “but that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Someone needs to go tell Stephen Jackson that Magic was just kidding, so he doesn’t show up to games with protection.

The genesis for this post was reading the various stories and blogs on the Orlando Magic who hit 10 three-pointers and that got me thinking about the following hypothesis: can teams win when they allow at least three-pointers? This year a game has featured one team hitting 10 three-pointers in the following instances:

10/31 Orlando hits 12 and beats Milwaukee 102-83

10/31 Indiana hits 13 and beats Washington 119-110 in overtime

10/31 New Orleans hits 10 and beats Sacramento 104-90

10/31 San Antonio hits 13, allows 10 and beats Memphis 104-101 (both teams took 23)

10/31 - Denver hit 11 and beat Seattle 120-103
11/1 - Phoenix hit 11 and beat Seattle 106-99
11/2 - Cleveland hit 12 and beat New York 110-106
11/2 - Toronto hit 13 and beat New Jersey 106-69
11/2 - New Orleans hit 11 and beat Portland 113-93
11/2 - San Antonio hit 12 and beat Sacramento 96-80
11/3 - Orlando hit 10 and beat Washington 94-82
11/3 - Memphis hit 10 and lost to Indiana 121-111
11/3 - Utah hit 12 and beat Golden State 133-110 (Warriors had 13 but took 31)
11/4 - Boston hit 12 and beat Toronto 98-95 (OT) (Raptors were 10-of-25)
11/6 - Orlando hit 10 and beat Minnesota 111-103
11/6 - New Orleans hit 14 and beats the LA Lakers 118-104
11/7 - Orlando hit 10 and beats Toronto 105-96
11/7 - Phoenix hit 11 and loses to Atlanta 105-96
11/7 - Memphis hit 10 and beats Seattle 105-98
11/8 - Dallas hit 10 and beats Golden State 120-115 (Warriors go 11-of-25

So far that is 20 games which teams have hit 10 three pointers and only two have lost.

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