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NBA Videos: Daily NBA Video Clips and Game Highlights

Hot NBA videos, updated close to daily throughout the season. Most of the NBA video highlight clips below are official uploads from the NBA. Generally, if there's an incredible NBA game-winning play, an amazing shot, an incredible dunk, a historic performance by an individual player or an entire team, an NBA video or multiple video clips of it will be here by the next morning. Bookmark this page and reload it daily. And for personal thoughts on what to get out of great video clips beyond merely what your eyes see, scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Of course you know "how" to watch NBA video highlights. When you see them, you press Play, and the video plays, and you point your eyes in the direction of the screen. That's obviously not what I mean. In terms of watching NBA video clips and actually getting something out of them, here are some of the thoughts that go through my mind. First, if it's a star player in the video clip, the first thing I wonder is if I'm about to see something the star does regularly, or if it's something new. It's always fun seeing LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and company do what we already know they can do. It's still worth watching, because they're NBA stars, and fun to watch. But for me personally, a longtime NBA viewer, I already know what all the key players usually do. It's still fun to watch. But when a player does the unexpected, like a guard who never dunks suddenly throwing down wild slams, or a big-man who usually scores inside suddenly starts flinging in three-pointers, that's not the norm and therefore will be even cooler to watch than the usual.

Again, this is the NBA, so "the usual" in regard to star players is pretty much always something awesome.

In terms of a player hitting an amazing shot, throwing down a great dunk, etc. it's always fun to know if the player's team actually won the game. A great highlight is still a great highlight, but of course an amazing shot going in during the mid first quarter is still amazing, but even more amazing is towards the end of a close game, or even as a game-winner. Context is always interesting.

Also good to know is if a particular game that a player just played resulted in any sort of records being set. An individual play is one thing, but if a player does something historical and puts himself into the record books, that's an even more special NBA video to view.

Of course, you can always throw all of that stuff away and just enjoy great basketball video clips and leave it at that!

As for this page, when something amazing in the NBA happens, it'll probably be right here on this page the very next day. Enjoy.

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