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Daily NBA Rumors Roundup

Wednesday, October 26, Stories

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nba rumors With his Warriors team down 23 points to the Spurs, Steve Kerr subbed Kevon Looney in for seven-time NBA All-Star Kevin Durant during a timeout. Golden State’s reserves polished off its 129-100 loss in front of mostly vacant seats at Oracle Arena. The Spurs finished 49 percent from the field (50 percent from beyond the arc) in their season opener. A team that relies on ball movement and made jumpers, Golden State piled up 16 giveaways and missed 26 of its 33 three-point attempts. It never seriously challenged after giving up a big run to close the first half. San Francisco Chronicle

The Warriors’ two most glaring weaknesses, interior defense and sloppy passing, were exposed by a San Antonio team eager to prove that there will be suspense in the race for the Western Conference’s top seed. Kawhi Leonard didn’t need to make a three-pointer to pour in a game-high 35 points. The frontcourt’s unquestioned leader with Tim Duncan gone, LaMarcus Aldridge chipped in 26 points and 14 rebounds. San Francisco Chronicle

Durant finished with a team-high 27 points on 11-of-18 shooting, including 1-of-3 from deep. He added 10 rebounds, four assists, two steals and the two blocks. CSN Bay Area

nba rumors The only defiance from the Knicks on Tuesday came before their 117-88 season-opening loss — just as the Cavaliers began their ring ceremony. Joakim Noah, whose disdain for the Cavaliers is well-documented, needed to be told to leave the court as he shot free throws while the lights dimmed for the ceremony and a video montage rolled. NY Post

On Joakim Noah: Before the game, the former Bull congratulated Cleveland for the title, but needled the city by adding, “Even though it’s not a vacation spot.’’ NY Post

Derrick Rose: “I felt good, but a couple of finishes I’m still trying to shake the rust off,’’ he said. “But I was happy the way I was still able to get to the rim.” Rose admitted that despite the high-speed style, there’s still triangle sets he hasn’t mastered. “Just getting used to the offense,’’ Rose said. “Of course I want to pick-and-roll every time down but with the triangle … you got to get used to it so it’s not that foreign. We got a lot of room to make up on that side of the ball, too.’’ NY Post

nba rumors LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and members of the organization accepted their championship rings containing more than 400 diamonds. Quicken Loans Arena raised the city’s first major sports championship banner in 52 years to the ceiling. A woman playing a version of “Deal or No Deal” during a timeout even won the maximum $500 prize as she spurned the deal offered to her by the Cavs mascot. And then the Cavaliers soundly defeated the Knicks, 117-88. News-Herald

During stoppages, congratulatory messages from Indians manager Terry Francona and players Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor, UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic, Browns legend Jim Brown and current players Joe Thomas and Joe Haden played on the scoreboard. James’ block on Andre Iguodala was shown a half-dozen times. “We did it, and we did it all together,” James said. “There’s no better feeling than that.” News-Herald

LeBron James, ready to receive his third championship ring, was asked if he preferred a certain design. “Not like I’m going to be wearing it as a wedding band,’’ James said. “Aesthetics don’t matter.’’

nba rumors Either way, 35-year-old Joe Johnson, looking like Joe Johnson of 2006, put on a show in the second half of the Jazz’s season-opener Tuesday night at the Moda Center. Unfortunately for the Jazz, Johnson’s entertaining half was overshadowed by a guy who considers Ogden as one of his homes. Former Weber State star Damian Lillard made the multiple “M-V-P!” chants seem a propos as he went off for 39 points to lead the Blazers to a 113-104 win over the Jazz. Deseret News

It didn’t help that the Jazz began the season without key contributors Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Alec Burks because of injuries. “Without those guys playing our margin (of error) just isn’t very large,” Snyder said. “Tonight, I thought we did everything from an effort standpoint that I wanted to see. We battled. Hats off to Portland and some of the plays that they made, but there are certainly ways that hopefully we can be better.” Deseret News

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