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2014 NBA Free Agents





NBA Free AgentsNBA free agents are players whose contracts have run out. They're no longer signed to a team. They're out of work, and need a new contract, either with the same team or a new one.

Explanation of restricted NBA free agents: Players can sign with any team in the league that offers them a valid contract. They're totally free to go where they want.

Explanation of restricted NBA free agents: Players who are restricted free agents can re-sign with their most recent team, or sign an offer sheet with a new team. But if they do the latter and sign an offer sheet elsewhere then their previous team has the right to match the contract of that offer sheet and re-sign the player, whether the player wants them to or not.

There are also player options and team options. If a player's contract is a player option for the season, it means the player has the ability to "opt out" of the contract and become a free agent. And if a player's contract says that this season is a team option, then as you'd guess, the team has the option to decline the option and cause the player to become a free agent.

Updated September 30, 2014

Best remaining 2014 NBA free agents


Ray Allen, Emeka Okafor, Jermaine O'Neal, John Lucas III, Ronnie Brewer, Rashard Lewis, Kenyon Martin, Jason Collins, Greg Oden, Andrew Bynum.

2014 NBA Free Agents who have agreed to deals (alphabetical order)


Jeff Adrien (signed with Rockets)
Cole Aldrich (signed with Knicks)
Lavoy Allen (signed with Pacers)
Al-Farouq Aminu (signed with Mavericks)
Lou Amundson (signed with Cavaliers)
Alan Anderson (signed with Nets)
Chris Andersen (signed with Heat)
James Anderson (signed in Lithuania)
Carmelo Anthony (signed with Knicks)
Trevor Ariza (signed with Rockets)
D.J. Augustin (signed with Pistons)
Leandro Barbosa (signed with Warriors)
Jerryd Bayless (signed with Bucks)
Aron Baynes (signed with Spurs)
Kent Bazemore (signed with Hawks)
Michael Beasley (signed with Grizzlies)
DeJuan Blair (signed with Wizards)
Steve Blake (signed with Trail Blazers)
Eric Bledsoe (signed with Suns)
Matt Bonner (signed with Spurs)
Trevor Booker (signed with Jazz)
Chris Bosh (signed with Heat)
Carlos Boozer signed with Lakers)
Avery Bradley (signed with Celtics)
Elton Brand (signed with Hawks)
Aaron Brooks (signed with Bulls)
MarShon Brooks (signed in Italy)
Shannon Brown (signed with Heat)
Caron Butler (signed with Pistons)
Rasual Butler (signed with Wizards)
Dwight Buycks (signed in Spain)
Vince Carter (signed with Grizzlies)
Omri Casspi (signed with Kings)
Mario Chalmers (signed with Heat)
Diante Christmas (signed with Pelicans)
Darren Collison (signed with Kings)
Jordan Crawford (signed in China)
Jared Cunningham (signed with Clippers)
Nando de Colo (signed in Russia)
Troy Daniels (signed with Rockets)
Ed Davis (signed with Lakers)
Glen Davis (signed with Clippers)
Luol Deng (signed with Heat)
Boris Diaw (signed with Spurs)
Toney Douglas (signed in China)
Chris Douglas-Roberts (signed with Clippers)
Zoran Dragic (signed with Suns)
Wayne Ellington (signed with Lakers)
Melvin Ely (signed in Japan)
Jordan Farmar (signed with Clippers)
Jimmer Fredette (signed with Pelicans)
Channing Frye (signed with Magic)
Francisco Garcia (signed with Rockets)
Diante Garrett (signed with Trail Blazers)
Pau Gasol (signed with Bulls)
Alonzo Gee (signed with Nuggets)
Drew Gooden (signed with Wizards)
Ben Gordon (signed with Magic)
Marcin Gortat (signed with Wizards)
Danny Granger (signed with Heat)
Aaron Gray (signed with Pistons)
Jordan Hamilton (signed with Raptors)
Josh Harrellson (signed in China)
Al Harrington (signed in China)
Devin Harris (signed with Mavericks)
Udonis Haslem (signed with Heat)
Spencer Hawes (signed with Clippers)
Gordon Hayward (signed with Jazz)
Xavier Henry (signed with Lakers)
Jordan Hill (signed with Lakers)
Kirk Hinrich (signed with Bulls)
Ryan Hollins (signed with Kings)
Kris Humphries (signed with Wizards)
Robbie Hummel (signed with Timberwolves)
Bernard James (signed with Mavericks)
Damion James (signed with Wizards)
LeBron James (signed with Cavaliers)
Richard Jefferson (signed with Mavericks)
Grant Jerrett (signed with Thunder)
Chris Johnson (signed with 76ers)
Ivan Johnson (signed with Mavericks)
James Johnson (signed with Raptors)
Wesley Johnson (signed with Lakers)
James Jones (signed with Cavaliers)
Chris Kaman (signed with Trail Blazers)
Ryan Kelly (signed with Lakers)
Doron Lamb (signed with Mavericks)
Shaun Livingston (signed with Warriors)
Kyle Lowry (signed with Raptors)
Shelvin Mack (signed with Hawks)
Vernon Macklin (signed with Pelicans)
Shawn Marion (signed with Cavaliers)
Cartier Martin (signed with Pistons)
Jason Maxiell (signed with Hornets)
Josh McRoberts (signed with Heat)
Jodie Meeks (signed with Pistons)
C.J. Miles (signed with Pacers)
Darius Miller (signed with Pelicans)
Mike Miller (signed with Cavaliers)
Patty Mills (signed with Spurs)
Greg Monroe (signed with Pistons)
E'Twaun Moore (signed with Bulls)
Anthony Morrow (signed with Thunder)
Nazr Mohammed (signed with Bulls)
Byron Mullens (signed in China)
Toure Murry (signed with Jazz)
Jameer Nelson (signed with Mavericks)
Dirk Nowitzki (signed with Mavericks)
Jannero Pargo (signed with Hornets)
Chandler Parsons (sign with Mavericks)
Patrick Patterson (signed with Raptors)
Paul Pierce (signed with Wizards)
Ronnie Price (signed with Lakers)
Miroslav Raduljica (signed in China)
Luke Ridnour (signed with Magic)
Brian Roberts (signed with Hornets)
Brandon Rush (signed with Warriors)
John Salmons (signed with Pelicans)
Mike Scott (signed with Hawks)
Thabo Sefolosha (signed with Hawks)
Kevin Seraphin (signed with Wizards)
Ramon Sessions (signed with Kings)
Chris Singleton (signed with Pacers)
Peyton Siva (signed with the Magic)
Ish Smith (signed with Rockets)
Jason Smith (signed with Knicks)
James Southerland (signed with Trail Blazers)
Lance Stephenson (signed with Hornets)
Greg Stiemsma (signed with Raptors)
Rodney Stuckey (signed with Pacers)
Tyshawn Taylor (sign in Russia)
Sebastian Telfair (signed with Thunder)
Garrett Temple (signed with Wizards)
Adonis Thomas (signed with Pacers)
Isaiah Thomas (signed with Suns)
Anthony Tolliver (signed with Suns)
P.J. Tucker (signed with Suns)
Hedo Turkoglu (signed with Clippers)
Evan Turner (signed with Celtics)
Jeremy Tyler (signed with Lakers)
Ekpe Udoh (signed with Clippers)
Beno Udrih (signed with Grizzlies)
Greivis Vasquez (signed with Raptors)
Charlie Villanueva (signed with Mavericks)
Dwyane Wade (signed with Heat)
Marvin Williams (signed with Hornets)
Mo Williams (signed with Timberwolves)
Reggie Williams (signed with Heat)
Shawne Williams (signed with Heat)
Nick Young (signed with Lakers).



Atlanta Hawks: Gustavo Ayon (signed in Spain), Elton Brand (signed with Hawks), Shelvin Mack (signed with Hawks), Cartier Martin (signed with Pistons), John Salmons (signed with Pelicans), Mike Scott (signed with Hawks).

Boston Celtics: Jerryd Bayless (signed with Bucks), Avery Bradley (signed with Celtics), Kris Humphries (signed with Wizards), Chris Johnson (signed with 76ers), John Lucas III, Malcolm Thomas.

Brooklyn Nets: Alan Anderson (signed with Nets), Andray Blatche (signed in China), Jason Collins, Shaun Livingston (signed with Warriors), Paul Pierce (signed with Wizards), Tyshawn Taylor (sign in Russia).

Charlotte Hornets: Chris Douglas-Roberts (signed with Clippers), Ben Gordon (signed with Magic), Josh McRoberts (signed with Heat), Jannero Pargo (signed with Hornets), Luke Ridnour (signed with Magic), Anthony Tolliver (signed with Suns), D.



Chicago Bulls: Lou Amundson (signed with Cavaliers), D.


Augustin (signed with Pistons), Carlos Boozer (signed with Lakers), Ronnie Brewer, Jimmer Fredette (signed with Pelicans), Kirk Hinrich (signed with Bulls), Mike James, Nazr Mohammed (signed with Bulls).

Cleveland Cavaliers: Luol Deng (signed with Heat), Spencer Hawes (signed with Clippers), C.


Miles (signed with Pacers).

Dallas Mavericks: DeJuan Blair (signed with Wizards), Vince Carter (signed with Grizzlies), Devin Harris (signed with Mavericks), Bernard James (signed with Mavericks), Shawn Marion (signed with Cavaliers), Dirk Nowitzki (signed with Mavericks).

Denver Nuggets: Aaron Brooks (signed with Bulls), Jan Vesely (signed in Turkey).

Detroit Pistons: Chauncey Billups (retired), Josh Harrellson (signed in China), Greg Monroe (signed with Pistons), Peyton Siva (signed with the Magic), Rodney Stuckey (signed with Pacers), Charlie Villanueva (signed with Mavericks).

Golden State Warriors: Hilton Armstrong (signed in Turkey), Steve Blake (signed with Trail Blazers), Jordan Crawford (signed in China), Jermaine O'Neal.

Houston Rockets: Troy Daniels (signed with Rockets), Francisco Garcia (signed with Rockets), Jordan Hamilton (signed with Raptors), Chandler Parsons (signed with Mavericks).

Indiana Pacers: Lavoy Allen (signed with Pacers), Rasual Butler (signed with Wizards), Andrew Bynum, Lance Stephenson (signed with Hornets), Evan Turner (signed with Celtics).

Los Angeles Clippers: Darren Collison (signed with Kings), Glen Davis (signed with Clippers), Carlos Delfino, Danny Granger (signed with Heat), Ryan Hollins (signed with Kings), Miroslav Raduljica (signed in China), Hedo Turkoglu (signed with Clippers).

Los Angeles Lakers: Kent Bazemore (signed with Hawks), MarShon Brooks (signed in Italy), Jordan Farmar (signed with Clippers), Pau Gasol (signed with Bulls), Xavier Henry (signed with Lakers), Jordan Hill (signed with Lakers), Wesley Johnson (signed with Lakers), Chris Kaman (signed with Trail Blazers), Ryan Kelly (signed with Lakers), Jodie Meeks (signed with Pistons), Nick Young (signed with Lakers).

Memphis Grizzlies: Ed Davis (signed with Lakers), Jamaal Franklin, James Johnson (signed with Raptors), Mike Miller (signed with Cavaliers), Beno Udrih (signed with Grizzlies).

MIAMI HEAT: Ray Allen, Chris Andersen (signed with Heat), Shane Battier (retired), Michael Beasley (signed with Grizzlies), Chris Bosh (signed with Heat), Mario Chalmers (signed with Heat), Toney Douglas (signed in China), Udonis Haslem (signed with Heat), LeBron James (signed with Cavaliers), James Jones (signed with Cavaliers), Rashard Lewis, Greg Oden, Dwyane Wade (signed with Heat).

Milwaukee Bucks: Jeff Adrien (signed with Rockets), Ramon Sessions (signed with Kings), Ekpe Udoh (signed with Clippers).

Minnesota Timberwolves: Dante Cunningham, Robbie Hummel (signed with Timberwolves), Othyus Jeffers.

New Orleans Pelicans: Al-Farouq Aminu (signed with Mavericks), Omri Casspi (signed with Kings), Darius Miller (signed with Pelicans), Anthony Morrow (signed with Thunder), Brian Roberts (signed with Hornets), Jason Smith (signed with Knicks), James Southerland (signed with Trail Blazers), Greg Stiemsma (signed with Raptors).

New York Knicks: Cole Aldrich (signed with Knicks), Carmelo Anthony (signed with Knicks), Shannon Brown (signed with Heat), Kenyon Martin, Toure Murry (signed with Jazz), Lamar Odom.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Caron Butler (signed with Pistons), Grant Jerrett (signed with Thunder), Thabo Sefolosha (signed with Hawks).

Orlando Magic: Doron Lamb (signed with Mavericks), Jason Maxiell (signed with Hornets), E'Twaun Moore (signed with Bulls), Jameer Nelson (signed with Mavericks), Ronnie Price (signed with Lakers).

Philadelphia 76ers: James Anderson (signed in Lithuania), Pierre Jackson, Byron Mullens (signed in China), Adonis Thomas (signed with Pacers).

Phoenix Suns: Leandro Barbosa (signed with Warriors), Eric Bledsoe (signed with Suns), Diante Christmas (signed with Pelicans), Channing Frye (signed with Magic), Emeka Okafor, Ish Smith (signed with Rockets), P.


Tucker (signed with the Suns).

Portland Trail Blazers: Earl Watson (retired), Mo Williams (signed with Timberwolves).

Sacramento Kings: Jared Cunningham (signed with Clippers), Wayne Ellington (signed with Lakers), Alonzo Gee (signed with Nuggets), Aaron Gray (signed with Pistons), Scotty Hopson, Isaiah Thomas (signed with Suns), Jeremy Tyler (signed with Lakers).

San Antonio Spurs: Aron Baynes (signed with Spurs), Matt Bonner (signed with Spurs), Boris Diaw (signed with Spurs), Damion James (signed with Wizards), Patty Mills (signed with Spurs).

Toronto Raptors: Dwight Buycks (signed in Spain), Nando de Colo (signed in Russia), Diante Garrett (signed with Trail Blazers), Kyle Lowry (signed with Raptors), Patrick Patterson (signed with Raptors), Greivis Vasquez (signed with Raptors).

Utah Jazz: Gordon Hayward (signed with Jazz), Richard Jefferson (signed with Mavericks), Brandon Rush (signed with Warriors), Marvin Williams (signed with Hornet Washington Wizards: Trevor Ariza (signed with Rockets), Trevor Booker (signed with Jazz), Melvin Ely (signed in Japan), Drew Gooden (signed with Wizards), Marcin Gortat (signed with Wizards), Al Harrington (signed in China), Kevin Seraphin (signed with Wizards), Chris Singleton (signed with Pacers), Garrett Temple (signed with Wizards).

(R) -- Restricted free agent, team has right to match outside offers.

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