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Erie, Pennsylvania has been awarded an NBA Development League franchise. The team will join Reno, NV — which was awarded a D-League franchise on Feb. 29 — for their inaugural seasons in 2008-09. More on this here.

I’m actively rooting for the D-League to expand to my quaint, lovable town of New York City as soon as possible. It would be fitting. InsideHoops is run out of NYC. The select few basketball mags that matter are here. The league office is here. A zillion media people are here. Bring us a squad!

And, if not NYC, put a D-League team in Westchester, just north of NYC. But near a Metro North train line, please. We New Yorkers don’t have cars.

There was a rumor a while back, I think from the New York Times, that Harlem might get a team someday, but I asked a few people who know a thing or two about what D-League people are thinking, and no one could confirm anything concrete is in the plans.

- Jeff

Dirk tells InsideHoops Kobe is MVP

I recently met with current league MVP Dirk Nowitzki and got his MVP opinion: Other than yourself and any of your teammates, who are the official Dirk Nowitzki candidates for the league MVP?

Dirk Nowitzki: That’s tough. LeBron certainly has a case in the East. On the Celtics, KG has had a great year. And in the West, to me it’s been Kobe, the way he’s been scoring, really setting the tone every night for his team, and to me he’s the best player in the league anyway, scoring-wise and all-around player. I’d probably give it to Kobe. Those three definitely deserve it.

The item is here.

- Jeff

Gilbert Arenas speaks on his status

Gilbert Arenas on his knee: “Everything is healing.  They want me to wrap (my knee) up and go full speed.  I’m going to test it out tonight on the practice court.  I’m going to give it a real hard workout and see how it feels in the morning.”

Arenas on his first game back: “They say that when I do go back, it will just be an assist-game for me.  They don’t want me to go in there jumping or being acrobatic.”

Arenas on what he expects from himself upon his return: “They told me that this year I won’t be me.  Don’t go back and try to be me.  I have to come back as an assist man.  I have to try to stay out of going to the hole, and I have to be careful.”

Arenas on the timetable for his return: “I’m hoping to play this season.  I want to play.  It’s hard when you have done something your whole life and then it gets taken away from you.  Hopefully I can get back out there.”

More on his injury: “They haven’t actually cleared me to play.  I’m just going to practice hard today and tomorrow and the next day, and then see how it feels.  If it feels the same as it does now than I might just play, because that means it’s not getting any worse.  My main concern is not getting hurt again.”

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